Golden Hill Country Chalets & Suites

Golden Hill Country Chalets & Suites is located in St. Nikolai in the heart of the Sausal mountains in Austria. The former Styrian farmhouse offers luxurious comfort in an elegant cottage atmosphere, boasting a living space of 180 square metres on two floors for up to 6 persons and a large stone terrace with views of Graz and the Styrian mountains. The private spa facilities in the romantic garden extend to 400 square metres, featuring a sauna cabin, outdoor hot tub and rest room. The old stables have also been skilfully converted into a modern loft, providing a living space of 250 square metres for two persons. Panoramic windows, having a width of up to 12 metres, offering views in all directions. The Loft also features a large natural swimming pond, a detached private sauna cabin and outdoor hot tub. Private dinners, a wine tasting with canapés in the wine cellar as well as a romantic candle light dinner or a bike tour with picnic on a Harley or Vespa create unforgettable memories at the Golden Hill Country Chalets & Suites.

The Cottage ‘Steinfuchs’ reminds you of a country estate with a sophisticated ambiance. Modern comfort has found its way inside the historic walls. The interior is kept in an enchanting cozy country house style. Up to 6 guests can spend their unforgettable vacation on 180m² of soothing privacy here. With architectural brilliance the former stable was transformed into a design-loft. Glass fronts ensure incredible views. An open living space for two with 250m² and a generous terrace is offering a breathtaking all-around view.

Rates start at EUR 180 per person per night at The Cottage (exclusive use). The Loft is available at EUR 799 per person per night (exclusive use).

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