Igloo Village, Alps & the Pyrenees

The Igloo villages in Engelberg, Gstaad, Zermatt and Davos-Klosters are the four villages that are located in Switzerland, but there are also two other igloo villages: one in Grandvalira, Andorra and the other on the highest mountain of Germany, the Zugspitze. Guests may enjoy homemade mulled wine and traditional cheese fondue. All igloo villages are completely rebuilt every year as a tunnel system, that is to say that the igloo village looks like a huge pile of snow from the outside, the rest is connected by ‘underground’ corridors. Inside the Igloo Village the temperature stays at a constant 0 – 5°C. Overnight stays are possible from 25 December (Zugspitze from 31 December) until around the middle of April.

There are six different igloo categories: the Standard Igloo (6-bed igloo with expedition sleeping bags for temperatures up to -30°C), the Romantic Igloo (a special two-bed igloo with thick furs, artfully designed), the Romantic Igloo Family (for parents with up four children), the Romantic Igloo Plus (with own bathroom for more privacy), The Hot Igloo (a heated igloo with oven and double bed) and the Romantic Igloo Suite (impressive design and own bathroom and private whirlpool).

Rates for the Swiss Igloo villages start at EUR 130 up to EUR 395 (Sun-Fri) and EUR 155 to EUR 443 (Sat) per person. Rates for the destinations in Andorra and Germany start at EUR 109 up to EUR 309 (Sun-Fri) and EUR 127 to EUR 349 (Sat) per person.

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