Ponta Dos Ganchos

Extremely well located, Ponta dos Ganchos is just a short hop from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. The privately-owned peninsula is surrounded by the stunning waters of the Emerald Coast, guaranteeing total privacy. The resort offers a state-of-the-art fitness centre, cinema, business centre, restaurant, bar, lounge, games room, oceanfront tennis court, heated swimming pool and nature trails. The Spa at Ponta Dos Ganchos provides three massage tents at the very end of the Resort’s peninsula. The tents are set in a beautiful garden and each has a different view. One offers a wonderful sunset, another a romantic view of the strait between the islets and the third looks out over the whole of the mouth of Ganchos bay.

The 25 bungalows are divided into seven different categories: Luxo (80 sqm) split-level bedroom and living room with two verandas overlooking the sea; Super Luxo (95 sqm) single-level bedroom and living room arrangement, including a dry sauna and a jacuzzi tub; Super Luxo Double (120 sqm) two bedrooms, two walk-in closets and two bathrooms, one of which has a dry sauna and a jacuzzi with sea view; Bungalow da Vila (130 sqm) double bathroom with twin walk-in closets, a dry sauna and a jacuzzi, a private garden and a private pool; Especial da Vila (130 sqm) the 12- jet jacuzzi is in a glass-walled and glass-roofed conservatory with a sea view, outside, the spacious deck houses a private pool; Emerald Villa Bungalow (230 sqm) there is a dry sauna with sea view, a Spa-bathroom area with massage tatamis and a jacuzzi also with sea view, and a private deck with pool; Special Emerald Villa Bungalow (300 sqm) the bungalow has a private deck with Chaise Longues and a private lap pool, there is also an underground floor with a private fitness center.


Rates start at EUR 610 per day per bungalow (Summer Season)

Ponta Dos Ganchos has been listed in the “100´s most exclusive hotel” by Robb Report and The TripAdvisor community’s recommendation amounts to 96% and they also named the hotel the Travelers’ Choice® 2014 Winner in Luxury, Romance and  Service and Small Hotels.

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