Gretha Heisig
I am a passionate traveller, creative producer and art enthusiast. Making things differently is my philosophy. As I am travelling, I strive to identify aspects of a venue that could occur inspiring to others. Thus, my work is all about staging these impressions in the most authentic way. With a background in directing, I possess the know-how to capture the right moment and tell stories that touch others. Let me show you some of the extraordinary places I was pleased to discover.

I am a passionate traveller, creative producer and art enthusiast. Making things differently is my p ...

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Located in the eastern part of the Austrian state of Tyrol you can find a true oasis, a destination that becomes etched into your memories. At the base of the majestic Kaiser mountains, Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt has welcomed guests with open arms for more than 400 years. The family-run hotel is both an organic farm and a luxury hotel and its focus lies completely on sustainable tourism. Besides homemade cheese and butter, the destination is a true paradise for sports enthusiasts and adventurers. Already curious about what you can experience here? We can promise you: This destination should be an item on your bucket list! So please make yourself comfortable and read a first-hand exploration of our heavenly stay on site at Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt.



Welcome to your oasis of peace, nature and togetherness

Entering the wooden main entrance of the hotel gives you a feeling of coming home...
At first glance, the hotel seems gigantic, like a unique world where something unexpected awaits in every corner. Arriving already feels a bit like being Alice in Wonderland.

Your home, far away from home…

To everyone who is seeking for some extra privacy…. As you enter one of the Sonneck Suites, soft scents of pine and wood unfold in the nose. Feel comfortable on your 80 m2 with a spacious balcony overlooking the massif “The Wilder Kaiser” and let the sun warm your soul.

Sleeping underneath the stars

Waking up in one of these beautiful chalet-style luxury Suites with views towards “The Wilder Kaiser” will blow your mind.

A heaven for the soul

Entering the extensive spa area for the first time feels like diving into a fantasy world...
Built with stone, wood and genuine moss walls, the spa stretches on 12,000 m2 and provides everything you need to relax. As the idea was to have a clear view towards mountain scenery, the roofs of the spa world are covered with grass and thus merge with the green meadows of the location. Moreover, the wellness area provides a children's water world as well as an adults only area. 

Embracing nature

Dip into the sports pool to swim some lanes in the morning or enjoy a fresh cooling in the natural pond after a hot sauna while watching the impressive mountain scenery.

Pamper yourself…

the hotel is working with prestigious brands like Sturm, !QMS and TGC that will boost your wellbeing to the highest level.

The land of milk and honey

Enjoy the legendary Stanglwirt breakfast and choose from home-made and locally-grown delicacies to start your day right.

Where the journey started…

When entering the 400 year-old Gasthof you dive into an authentic Tyrolean vibe straight away. Here you can indulge yourself with regional specialities as you watch the gently grazing cows and hear the old floorboards creak. That's right! Several extended glass windows allow a direct view into the cowshed which lies next to the dining rooms…
Have you ever been to a place where you can do basically anything? If not, put on your sportswear and explore the world of activities at Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt!

Ready to improve your golf handicap?

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, playing golf on this picturesque court is a one-of-a-kind event. As the Stanglwirt Golf Sport Academy offers golf-training facilities with the highest standard and top-notch equipment, your time on the driving range will be unforgettable.

Let's compete with the Klitschko brothers

Fitness professional 'Björn Schulz' will take your physical constitution to the next level. Take some boxing lessons and look forward to a full-body workout.

Over the net!

Looking for the most beautiful tennis courts? Eight outdoor- and six indoor-tennis-courts make you forget about being in a luxury hotel. Imagine the perfect tennis world with mind blowing views. For 40 years, the prestigious Hawaiian tennis factory of ‘Peter Burwash International (PBI)‘ has provided tennis camps of the highest level. Look forward to having sessions with PBI trainers that have an eye for your needs and the know-how to improve your skills individually. This will be more than fun!

Austria's first private Lipizzaner stud

Visit the noble Lippizaners, an ancient horse breed that can be traced back to the Habsburg monarchy. Choose riding classes or just watch the elegant horses on the meadow right in front of the main building.

Children's paradise

The children's farm offers the perfect space to get in contact with animals, nature and other young adventurers.