Zash Country Boutique Hotel

In the east of Sicily, amidst citrus groves with sublime views over Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea, one can find a small architectural miracle – the Zash Country Boutique Hotel. Thanks to the family Maugeri, who restored the former winery, it has been transformed into a multiple award-winning design hotel with an overwhelmingly beautiful garden. The village Archi, in which Zash is located, is 44 kilometres away from the airport Catania. Zash’s spa pool is made of Etna lava stone. In the spa there is no long list of massages to revive the cult of body and mind, there is the guest at the centre, skilled hands of therapists, natural products, volcano stones and the scents of the garden. At Zash’s small and evocative restaurant, a shooting star of the Italian culinary scene is on duty: Giuseppe Raciti. After his debut at the national contest “Best Emergent Italian Chef” in 2015, chef Giuseppe Raciti was selected in January 2016 among 12 Italian chefs to participate at the prestigious cooking competition “Bocuse d’or”. His unique and unforgettable creations are based on traditional Italian recipes featuring the best regional products and ingredients. The aromatic juice of freshly pressed fruits from the on site lemon grove gives the Zash’s kitchen an unmistakably Sicilian flavour.

At the Zash Country Boutique Hotel one can experience devotion, connection with Sicilian tradition and a deep sense of design. With their wide windows and large glass doors, the rooms bring the outside surroundings into the inside of the hotel. Chunky citrus trees become natural wallpaper and a view of the evocative Sicilian landscape is offered. Guests and nature are brought together through the generosity of each room and the use of natural materials. This is expressed in the volcanic stone cladding and chestnut windows through which the Ionian Sea dazzles and shines.


Rates start at EUR 175 per room per night.

In 2015, Geo Magazine selected the Zash Country Boutique Hotel to be one of the ten most beautiful design hotels among the “100 Most Beautiful Hotels in Europe”. Furthermore, the hotel has been named ‘Best Hotel in Sicily 2014’ by Cronache di gusto and ‘The Most Beautiful Hotels In The World 2013’ by PIDA International.

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