Aenaon Villas is located in the northern part of the island of Santorini. The luxury hotel complex is situated at the secluded top of a deep slope on the island’s world famous caldera, where the land is carved to admire the endless views of the horizon and the deep blue of the Aegean Sea. Spend your days basking in the Greek sun enjoying volcanic views and as the sun sets fall asleep to the calming sound of whistling wind rattling the shutters and twirling about the terraces. It all comes together as the perfect fine tune of romantic seclusion.


What are the views like? How far will I be from surrounding villages?

Welcome to Aenaon Villas, a place where every corner is plunged in photogenic clean and celestial whiteness with no need for special effects as the dancing greek light constantly changes the landscape around you. Calling views here ‘dramatic’ would be an understatement as steep cliffs plunge into deep inky waters of the volcanic Caldera and mysterious isles dot the kingfisher-blue horizon. Located in the northern part of the island of Santorini, vacationers can look forward to enjoy a picture-perfect scenery. 

Key Facts

  • Santorini’s Thira Airport is merely 12 kilometers from the hotel
  • situated right at the ancient path that connects Oia with Imerovigli and Fira beautiful beaches spanning along the east coast of the island
  • within walking distance to nearby villages with luxury boutiques, cafés and restaurants to lounge around

What is special?

  • admire unparalleled views of all points of the horizon as villas are situated at the top of steep slope right on the edge of the island’s world famous caldera
  • enjoy this secluded sanctuary sat in honeymoon-perfect seclusion totally crowd-clear
  • soak in unparalleled 360-degree-panorama of the surrounding landscape

What do the guests say?

  • the location is described as perfect in every way with views guests were dumbfounded by
  • guests love that the location is secluded but still close enough to visit nearby towns
  • highly recommended to couples that would like to enjoy romantic and intimate days to themselves


What kind of Villas can I choose from? How private will my space be?

Built with the utmost respect for the traditional Cycladic architecture, Aenaon Villas are settled in perfect harmony with the natural setting and the lovely properties rise from the dark rock as neat and gleaming as a Hollywood smile.  Even the floor is a vivid, crisp surface of snow gleaming white. Minimalistic design can be found throughout the rooms and unique details characterize the whole property.

Key Facts

  • 7 villas fully equipped with living areas, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom facilities
  • classic Mediterranean exterior and contemporary interior with modern amenities that offer a genuine sense of autonomy, comfort and luxury
  • Villa sizes range from 35 m² to 95 m²

What is special?

  • take in unobstructed views of the Aegean Sea, the volcano with its magnificent caldera and spectacular greek sunsets
  • relax in outdoor four-poster beds with luxurious linen sheets or designer loungers scattered around curved infinity pools the sunset melts into the horizon
  • unwind in serene privacy as villas are cleverly connected across different levels so that each feels entirely secluded

What do the guests say?

  • visitors love the privacy that the villas have to offer and applaud the smart layout of the property
  • the light and crisp interior makes guests feel instantly at home
  • honeymooners highly recommend Villa Elidami for extra intimate seclusion

Pools & Spa

Where can I lounge in the Greek sun? Is there a spa?

‘Aenaon’ is an ancient Greek word for perpetual or endless, as in the views from the curved edges and volcanic boulders of the hotels luxurious freeform pool. This special spot means you get your very own slice of uninterrupted Caldera paradise as you peer out from your infinity pool, relax in sun loungers and gracefully avoid the crowds and the business of everyday life. 

Key Facts

  • dive into the on-site freeform infinity pool that disappears into the indigo horizon
  • each of the Aenaon Villas include their own private pools for intimate solitude

What is special?

  • although the Aenaon Villas doesn’t hold its own spa area it offers in-room massages from the privacy of your villa  
  • book your stay in Villa Elidami and enjoy serene seclusion by your private plunge pool
  • bask in the contemporary lighting that lines the infinity pool, with deck chairs, sun loungers and white parasols scattered around it

What do the guests say?

  • the infinity pool with breathtaking views of the bay makes this stay one for the books
  • visitors enjoy getting lazy and ordering snacks by the pool
  • getting an in-room massage is highly recommended for anyone looking to unwind


Where can I get a bite to eat? Will I be able to dine with a view?

Although there are no restaurants or bars, Aenaon Villas manages to provide just the right amount of ‘hotel’ luxury as you can order breakfast, snacks and dinner straight to your humble abode. One could easily call this ‘dining with the gods‘ as you enjoy dishes made from locally harvested vegetables and clink glasses at your outside table before plunging into that searing Greek afternoon sun or roll into bed with filled stomachs after romantic candle-lit evenings.

Key Facts

  • instead of a restaurant or bar, Aenaon Villas offers a special room service including breakfast, snacks, light meals and drinks based on local products
  • take a taxi down to the old harbor and nab a table at a variety of restaurants and tavernas in time to see the blood-orange-red-sun setting

What is special?

  • drink up extraordinary views and intimate candle light dinners on your private terrace prepared by a local chef
  • before your eyes have even flickered awake, Aenaon Villas will have magically laid out your breakfast table filled with fresh juices, pastries and Greek omelettes

What do the guests say?

  • most don’t mind that there is no on-site restaurant and truly enjoy heading down to the villages for romantic date nights by the sea
  • guests are in love with the wide array of breakfast spreads and Greek options
  • foodies emphasize how fresh and crisp the quality of produce is


How can I spend my days at Aenaon Villas? What kind of activities does Santorini have to offer?

Spend a luxurious day basking on the deck of a Greek sailboat tour and ask the staff of Aenaon Villas to book a trip around the Cyclades for you. If you’re feeling brave, join the locals and jump off 10-meter cliffs into the crystal clear Aegean sea, if not, check the surrounding archaeological sites and marvel at ancient Grecian ruins. The island of Santorini offers lots of opportunities for vacationers and numerous secret spots to discover.


Key Facts

  • book a wine tasting through steel and oak barrels, sweet sun-ripened tipples and sharp pale whites
  • walk alongside cliffs to the nearby village of Oia and stroll through the maze of streets and unique boutique shops
  • get adventurous on trips to various archaeological sites and marvel at ancient Grecian ruins

What is special?

  • spend a luxurious day basking on the deck of a Greek sailboat tour and ask the hotel to trips around the Cyclades for you
  • if you’re feeling brave, join the locals and jump off 10-meter cliffs into the crystal clear Aegean sea
  • spend days in nature as you dive into the endless hues of blue or hike the trail of Fira and go on adventurous walking tours

What do the guests say?

  • visitors call this “the best possible location” for both the views and activities
  • hosts are very helpful with helping guests plan out their days with recommendations
  • sailboat tours are highly recommended for a relaxing day at sea

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