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From idyllic islands to urban oases, from glamping gems to palatial premises, from sophisticated boutique-hotels to the leading hotel brands of the world, our travel guide provides a selection of top-of-the-line luxury hotels that are more than just an accommodation to rest your head.

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Signature Reviews

Every luxury hotel has its own soul, story and character. We travel the world to witness how it feels to reside in the most exquisite gems of the world. The Signature Collection is our chosen circle of 5-star hotels with a certain something. As everybody is seeking for authentic inside views of luxury hotels more than mere considerations of image films and glossy prints, we have established our Signature-Hotel-Review category to share views of the most extraordinary accommodations. Three days on site – 72 hours in heaven – a virtual journey that lifts the curtains of the most resplendent luxury hotels by providing authentic videos and images. Our editors take you to the best hand-picked hotels, chalets and resorts across the world – The Signature Reviews.

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On our website you get inside views of the best luxury hotels and the most stunning destinations around the world. Enjoy a distinctive selection of luxurious accommodations that become etched into your memories. Discover divine places that pique curiosities, incite cultural exchanges and create authentic experiences.

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The best hotels for every occasion, every destination, every purpose.

Whether you are looking for hotel accommodations offering the world’s most legendary waves, an epic safari adventure in the wildest reaches of the prairie, or a suitable backdrop to snap a selfie as you are doing what you love, we’ve got you covered. From cityscapes to surf breaks, from honeymoon retreats to gastronomic getaways, we show you a selection of bucket list-worthy accommodations all around the world that create everlasting memories. Here are our Top-Lists of hotels for every occasion, every destination, every purpose.

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