Hotels in Heaven takes you to the world of the most extraordinary hotels.

From idyllic islands to urban oases, glamping gems to palatial properties, we have carefully curated a collection of the top-of-the-line luxury hotels across the world that are more than just an accommodation to rest your head at night. They are the places that become etched into your memories, igniting stories that are told again and again; places that pique curiosities, incite cultural exchanges and creates authentic experiences.

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The best hotels for every occasion, every destination, every purpose.

Whether you are on a mission to find luxury accommodations offering the world’s most legendary waves, an epic safari adventure in the wildest reaches of Africa, or the best backdrop to snap a selfie as you are living your best life, we’ve got you covered. From cityscapes to surf breaks, honeymoon stays and gastronomic getaways, we are bringing you some of the best bucket list-worthy hotels to create everlasting memories in destinations around the world.

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