Alila, translating to “surprise” in Sanskrit, lives up to its notable meaning. This 230-year old fortress will leave you in awe with impalpable views of the Bishangarh mud-hut villages dotting the grounds below. Famed for its immersive experiences and being the only warrior fort in India turned hotel, the Alila Fort Bishangarh is a bucketlist experience that will provide memories to cherish for a lifetime. Add a touch of second-to-none service, a dash of innovative cuisines by world-renowned chefs, and a sprinkle of tranquility and you have the perfect recipe for a luxurious Indian getaway.


What makes the Alila Fort Bishangarh a fantastic place to stay during a trip to Jaipur?

Perched on a granite hillside, with 360-degree rolling views of the Rajasthani landscape, the Alila Fort Bishangarh appears to be seamlessly sculpted out of the very terrain upon which it sits. It is like the cherry on top of one grandiose cake, dripping in regal elegance. Located at Bishangarh Village, the hotel is easily accessible from both Jaipur and Delhi. Known as the “Pink City”, from it’s famed pink painted hues, Jaipur continues to charm travelers from all over the world and the Alila Fort Bishangarh provides the perfect base for exploring the best of the city and surrounding villages. Explore the bustling markets, intriguing forts and sacred temples before returning to your tranquil oasis.

Key Facts

  • the hotel boasts 360-degree views of the Rajasthani landscape
  • the famed Amber Fort is only a 45-minute drive from the resort
  • located only one hour from Jaipur Airport

What is special?

  • experience staying on top of a citadel in India’s first ever planned city
  • continue to check items off your bucketlist by exploring the nearby Aravali mountains, the oldest fold mountain range in the world
  • utilize the hotel’s drivers who are available at your beck and call to chauffeur you to local attractions

What do the guests say?

  • “magical” is the word guests use to describe the stunning property
  • guests find the hotel to be the perfect destination for special occasions such as anniversaries and weddings
  • the expansive views from the hilltop left guests speechless


What are the room options at the Alila Fort Bishangarh? What if I’m traveling with family?

After a 7-year ecological restoration, the Alila Fort Bishangarh has been transformed into a luxury hotel boasting opulent rooms and suites, split into four categories – Royal, Heritage, Regal and Grand, each with their own defining characteristics and charm. Preserving its grand majesty and infused with modern comforts, the Alila Fort Bishangarh creates an idyllic space where weary travelers can relax after a long flight or day of exploring. You will find enormous plush beds, sumptuous soaking tubs and signature Alila bath products. The attention to detail and intuitiveness of the staff will make you never want to leave.

Key Facts

  • Alila Fort Bishangarh offers 59 luxurious rooms and suites designed for quiet indulgence
  • each suite features bay windows with jaw-dropping views of the Aravali mountains, day beds, deep-soaking bathtub, 42-inch TV, and WiFi access
  • all suites can comfortably accommodate a family of four

What is special?

  • take a step back in time and admire the details of several original features of the fortress, such as turrets, dungeons, and secret passageways
  • live the dream of a princess or prince in a romantic suite located in one of the fairytale-like turrets
  • relish in the grandeur of your suite and its unique Jaipur Gharana architecture, influenced by the Mughals and the British

What do the guests say?

  • guests love the huge daybeds set against the Jharokha windows
  • Being able to enjoy a bath while looking out over the breathtaking views was a huge plus for guests
  • guests rave the hotel was designed with maximum relaxation in mind, and it did not disappoint

Pools & Spa

I would love to pamper myself a little during my stay - what type of spa services are available at the Alila?

Spa Alila offers an extensive menu of spa therapies and treatments where expert therapists utilize 5000-year old techniques passed down from generation to generation. Treatments range from nourishing wraps to detox baths, to chakra rebalancing and an endless list of therapeutic massages and beauty rituals. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to create your own spa experience, based on your personal needs, and with the aid of intuitive spa hosts. Your treatment doesn’t have to end there. Take home a piece of your spa experience to keep your skin healthy and glowing long after your visit with an extensive line of Spa Alila all-natural skin care products.

Key Facts

  • Spa Alila combines both local and Western therapy techniques to help restore balance to your mind and body
  • the spa only uses natural, handmade products for their therapies and treatments
  • children can also enjoy a pamper-filled day with spa and beauty treatments designed specifically for them

What is special?

  • descend to the former dungeon, that has since been transformed to a dreamy spa, designed to transcend you to a state of utter bliss and relaxation
  • rekindle the fire with your loved one with a couples treatment that includes a curated bath experience and a bottle of Prosecco
  • alternate your sunbathing routine with cool refreshing dips in the pool and light nips at the adjacent restaurant

What do the guests say?

  • guests rave how gorgeous the infinity pool is with incredible views of the towering Fort
  • spa-goers love the complete relaxation of mind and body and being treated like royalty at the Spa Alila
  • having spa treatments in a former dungeon created a unique experience for guests unlike other typical spa facilities


What type of dining experience can I expect at the Alila Fort Bishangarh? Is there a variety of restaurants to choose from?

Simple, traditional and artisanal is the foundation of the world-class dining found at the Alila. Renowned chef Ranveer Brar brings back timeless cooking techniques with cooking over an open fire and in hot sand to bring you innovative cuisines sure to placate your palette. Savor the flavors of Bishangarh as you prepare your own Rajasthani meal from scratch or master the art of “braai”, barbequing delicious meats over an open fire, poolside. Whether you are being completely catered to, or taking on the role of the master chef, your culinary experience at the Alila Fort Bishangarh will be one to remember.

Key Facts

  • the Alila Fort Bishangarh features four specialty themed restaurants, and a cigar bar and lounge
  • Haveli, regarded as one of the top restaurants in Jaipur, features Mediterranean farm-to-table dining with pickings directly from the on-site organic garden
  • the four C’s (coffee, champagne, chai and cakes) can be enjoyed in the charming courtyard of the Kachhawa Lounge

What is special?

  • take a culinary journey featuring age-old traditional recipes, inspired by the Silk Road, at the Amarsar Restaurant
  • dine under the stars while enjoying breathtaking views and sumptuous slow-cooked curries on the rooftop of one of the turrets
  • walk in royalty’s footsteps as the Amarsar Restaurant was once royal living quarters and the Kachhawa Lounge a secret royal escape route

What do the guests say?

  • guests found the cooking masterclass to be a great value
  • watching the sunset over a tea/coffee is a must, according to guests
  • guests loved that chefs were willing to go above and beyond to prepare anything you desire


What is the Alila Experience? What activities are available through these experiences?

Discover the beauty of Alila Fort Bishangarh with personalized experiences curated by the Alila Leisure Concierge Team. With their insightful local knowledge, the team will customize itineraries and unique interactions based on your personal preference. Fill your days with exploring Jaipur’s historic sites and immersing yourself in the local culture by meeting artisans or even sharing a cup of Masala tea with a local family. Back in the resort, start your days with sunrise yoga and end them with a evening of pampering at the spa. The Alila Fort Bishangarh provides a full spectrum of activities for the leisure lovers and adventure seekers.

Key Facts

  • bespoke experiences revolve around enlightenment, adventure, history, gastronomy, and agriculture
  • Play Alila Kids’ Club offers a range of interactive and engaging activities for kids aged 5-16
  • guest can choose between horseback riding, trekking, off roading and other outdoor adventures

What is special?

  • curl up by the poolside with a good book from the hotel’s very own library, and a drink in hand as you are waited on hand and foot and made to feel like complete royalty
  • have an out-of-this-world experience at the largest astronomical observatory built by the founder of Jaipur
  • wildlife lovers, take a jeep safari in the Nahargarh Biological Park where you will spot tigers, panthers, lions, and over 285 species of birds
  • float among the clouds, taking in the majestic views of historic forts and traditional villages nestled in the Aravalli hills

What do the guests say?

  • the Warrior Fort History Tour is highly recommended by guests
  • travelers found the concierge team to be extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful
  • guests enjoyed the fact that this is not your typical city/shopping/entertaining hotel, but rather one that focuses on culture and experiences

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