When in search of the wonders of nature with a hint of modernity – make your way to the Amanera in the Dominican Republic. With its name derived from the Sanskrit of ‘Peace’ and the translation of ‘Water’ in the local Taino language, Amanera stays true to its roots and meaning, emitting vibes of peace and comfort for all those who visit. A luxury resort unlike any other, this gorgeous haven sits atop a mighty cliff, overlooking the Caribbean waters – offering panoramic views and an experience to be cherished for all days to come. 


Why is the Amanera one of the best places to stay for a luxurious trip to the Dominican Republic?

Although only about an hour from Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, the Amanera boasts serenity and solace with its remote location. As you travel on the coastal main road on the Northern shore, situated right beneath that is Amanera –  perched cliffside and overlooking the Playa Grande beach. However, not just a place for water-lovers, the resort is surrounded by the untamed rainforest. As the blue of the water contrasts against the lush greenery the result is a fusion attracting people from all over the globe.

Key Facts

  • the Amanera is situated between Rio San Juan and Cabrera
  • to the west of the resort is Cabarate, a town renowned worldwide as one of the best kiteboarding and windsurfing destinations
  • due east of Amanera is Samana, a deep-water port famous for whale-watching from January to March

What is special?

  • enjoy a bird’s-eye view while soaring over crystalline blue waters during a breathtaking helicopter ride from the airport
  • explore the wiles of the wilderness with scenic hiking expeditions and deep-sea fishing excursions
  • take in the idyllic views of picturesque beaches and palm tree-lined shores at Amanera

What do the guests say?

  • guests find the Amanera a lovely combination of seclusion and all-things natural yet encompassing modern architectural design and comfort
  • adventurers love how it is one of the few places that offer hiking and snorkeling – all in the same vicinity
  • being located on the top of a cliff, guests find the gorgeous sunrise by the Playa Grande beach a treat to witness


What are the room options available at the Amanera? Can they accommodate larger groups?

With 25 luxury casitas, the Amanera takes care of the accommodation needs of all travelers. Offering 6 options to decide between, from expansive terraces to floor-to-ceiling glass doors, outdoor and indoor dining areas to wooden touches – the casitas offer it all. Catering to all sorts of travelers, from honeymooners to families, you can decide what you want in your casita. While some include private pools, others boast mesmerizing cliff top views.  

Key Facts

  • the accommodation options include: the standard Casita, Hill Casita (with lofty views), Pool Casita, Amanera Casita, Bay View Pool Casita, and Two-Bedroom Bayview Casa
  • all rooms include a flatscreen tv, air conditioning, and personal minibar
  • the Amanera can cater to up to 20 people for a single booking

What is special?

  • enjoy your own little piece of heaven on earth, in your private casita, tucked away in the verdant hillside
  • take your pick from sunrise views of the ocean to a hillside retreat surrounded with greenery
  • let serenity wash over you as sunlight spills through floor-to-ceiling windows, casting an ethereal glow on the light hued walls and tiled floors

What do the guests say?

  • guests are vastly appreciative of the uncrowded and laid-back feel of the casitas – offering utter relaxation
  • the housekeeping and room service are especially liked by guests who do not feel like leaving their abode
  • guests fall in love with the glass doors that capture the essence of the surroundings

Pools & Spa

I’d love to relax during my stay. What’s the best way to do that at the Amanera?

The Amanera vows to refresh guests not only with stunning views, but as a relaxing retreat too. Away from the modern methods, the spa at the Amanera invokes the native powers of healing of the Taino Indians. It consists of treatments using the Larimar gemstone, known for its healing powers, and the Palo Santo (holy wood) smearing ceremony. On the other hand, a dip in the cascading infinity pool is another great way of rejuvenation.

Key Facts

  • the Spa uses the Aman Skincare range and special herbs for its many treatments including scrubs, massage, facials, and the famous sage-infused body wrap 
  • there are 3 double treatment rooms for a refreshing spa experience
  • the main infinity pool is located near the dining area – meaning you not only enjoy when you are in the water, but also as you sit nearby, having delicacies

What is special?

  • indulge in a bespoke massage on the beach as you listen to the sounds of the waves crash gently against the shores
  • experience holistic healing from the outside in with Amanera’s signature lunar journey therapies 
  • enjoy a refreshing dip in the expansive infinity pool, which also has a nearby children’s pool suitable for the little ones

What do the guests say?

  • the addition of vegan, almond-based oils in the massage treatments are appreciated by vegan and vegetarian guests
  • the native methods of healing are unconventional and like a breath of fresh air for many visitors
  • albeit being mostly an adult-friendly and honeymooning place – the addition of children-friendly pools and other amenities are loved by guests traveling with family


What type of dining options are available at the Amanera?

It doesn’t matter where you come from or what taste you have for dining out – the Amanera offers it all. For fine dining, make your way to the Casa Grande Restaurant presenting exquisite Mediterranean and Mexican cuisines. For casual hangouts, the Lounge Bar is your go-to with rum tastings and freshly brewed teas. Yet, when in the mood for romantic dinners or something special, the Club de Playa is the place to be; boasting the beach in the background and private dining on the shore.

Key Facts

  • dining areas are open to guests as well as non-residents
  • many ingredients of freshly prepared delicacies are locally-sourced, including the seafood supply
  • local and international dining; such as Italian, Caribbean, Mediterranean and Mexican is all on offer at the Amanera

What is special?

  • feast on exquisite dining options while drinking in the views of the wondrous ocean backdrop
  • savor splendid sips at The Lounge Bar while watching the sun retire to its slumber behind the horizon
  • pop the big question at Club de Playa, where pristine beaches and an intimate candle-lit setting serves as the perfect backdrop for a romantic proposal

What do the guests say?

  • guests love how child-friendly the eateries are at the Amanera
  • visitors cannot get enough of the romantic vibe of the dining areas, making every lunch and every dinner a date to remember
  • the staff and waiters are especially liked by visitors, who comment their hospitable service


How can I spend my days at the Amanera?

The Amanera has something for the likes of everyone. Whether you like to go mountain climbing, love surfing on the waves, adore visits into the wilderness, or find yourselves gravitating more towards the deep sea – do one or do all at the Amanera. Yet, this is not all. A unique excursion opportunity at this slice of heaven is to witness and learn the famous cigar rolling of the Dominicans – an activity you’d seldom find elsewhere.

Key Facts

  • the 400-acre reserves around the Amanera boasts more than 160 different species of birds
  • a 18-hole golf course spanning the hills
  • sports lessons for water sports, golf and tennis are available for guests to enjoy

What is special?

  • gallop through the winding forest on a private horseback riding excursion and enjoy a refreshing experience unlike any other
  • explore the thriving ecosystem of the mangroves from above and below with stand-up paddle boarding and snorkeling sessions
  • immerse yourself in nature as you are guided through the lush forests and taught about everything from local Taino legends to the powers of the moon and herbal healing

What do the guests say?

  • the Amanera Children and Youth Programme, for kids aged 5-12, is very liked by families who stay at the Amanera and have their little ones enjoy arts and crafts sessions
  • the guests love the unique touch the local guides bring to the experience
  • visitors are fond of the attention to detail paid in each activity – from teaching the beginners to ensuring the experts also enjoy

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