A Scandinavian minimalist touch and Moroccan vibes – Areias do Seixo in Portugal is a dream eco-boutique hotel that gives us a glimpse of both worlds in a manner unlike any found elsewhere. While its glass and concrete construction makes the heart shriek with delight, the exquisite interiors are a sight to be cherished. As you arrive at the hotel, luggage in hand and holidaying in mind, the welcoming lemongrass tea and homemade cake make you sure – this is going to be the experience of a lifetime.


Why should I choose the Areias do Seixo over others when visiting Portugal?

When traveling to Portugal, a visit to its capital Lisbon is a must. Fortunately, you will find this piece of heaven – Areias do Seixo – located merely an hour away from Lisbon. Nestled cozily in a clifftop, the boutique hotel overlooks one of Europe’s most famous coastlines; the Costa de Prata. Displaying scenic views, from satin-soft dunes that caress your hands to shimmering blue waters that mesmerize the sights; what sets the area apart is the array of pine trees and the sea breeze that can melt hearts.

Key Facts

  • Areias do Seixo is easily accessible; hardly a 50-minute drive away from the Lisbon airport
  • the ancient town Obidos is only 25 minutes away
  • while Porto Novo Beach is 10 minutes away, the famous Baleal Beach is merely a 50-minute drive

What is special?

  • feel the refreshing Atlantic breeze caress your hair as you sit with your favorite book atop the sea-facing terraces in your hotel room
  • relax as you lay on the beautiful shores, while your children wander nearby making their favorite sandcastle from the powder-soft sand
  • experience the rush of nature as your dip your feet in the refreshing, pure waters of the ocean

What do the guests say?

  • guests find the Areias do Seixo highly convenient due to its close proximity to Lisbon
  • pristine cliffs, shores, and shimmering waters are a dream come true for visitors hoping for some time of solitude 
  • away from the hubbub of city life, the remoteness of the hotel makes guests quite fond of their stay of luxury and some peaceful time


Does the Areias do Seixo rooms cater to different types of travelers? Is a pool included with my villa?

Traveling as a honeymooner or with children, a writer on a writing retreat or just another individual fed up of busy routines and in need of solace – the Areias do Seixo welcomes all with open arms. Offering guests a choice of bedrooms and villas, all accommodation options are truly unique. While everything is modern, with different textures, lighting, hues, and interiors, there are the usual gorgeous antique touches like log fireplaces. With rainfall showers, whirlpool bathtubs, picturesque seating areas and scenic views – the Areias do Seixo is truly a friend to fellow travelers.

Key Facts

  • Areias do Seixo features 14 rooms, one charming tent and 16 villas in total
  • the rooms have 4 themes to cater to people visiting for all purposes and belonging to all backgrounds; Love, Tree, Gold, and Land
  • while every room comes equipped with a beautiful wooden patio, each villa has a barbecue area and splash pool

What is special?

  • enjoy a life-changing experience as you sit on the patio, sipping herbal tea and glancing up at the sky as the sun sets to declare a starry night 
  • feel each body part restart itself as the water washes over you from the rainfall showers, evoking a sense of rejuvenation unlike any other
  • enjoy nightly gatherings with friends and family as music plays and the cool breeze complements the warmth of the fireplace – presenting a wonderful fusion

What do the guests say?

  • with 4 beautifully modern varieties of rooms available and the charming unique ‘Shelter’ tent, guests find it difficult to choose one as all appear the best in luxury and comfort
  • families love the idea of separate villas (sleeping up to 6) for quick yet lavish family holidays   
  • visiting couples fall in love with the Love category rooms with jacuzzi bathtubs, overlooking the lush gardens and the vast ocean

Pools & Spa

Is there a pool for me to enjoy with my family? What type of spa services are on offer?

While the ambiance of the Areias do Seixo is as refreshing as it comes, the hotel has a little surprise for all its guests; the in-house spa. Inspired by Indian Ayurvedic methods, the spa invokes the ancestral teachings of the Hindu community and brings rejuvenation to its guests via aromatherapy and herbal medicine. From rose facials to cocoa scrubs, there are a multitude of spa treatments to choose from. On the other hand, if you feel your body needs a refreshment by stepping into blue waters – make your way to the infinity pool overlooking the gardens for an experience unlike any other.

Key Facts

  • the Areias do Seixo spa consists of 4 rooms – 2 massage rooms, a room for relaxation, and a sauna
  • the Turkish bath is a unique feature of the spa 
  • the infinity pool is heated by solar power in the months from April to September

What is special?

  • feel the difference in your skin’s texture as your body responds to delicately perfumed essential oils and a relaxing massage 
  • prepare to be mesmerized as you step into the Turkish bath (Hammam) for a bespoke bathing experience  
  • lay back and relax on the sun loungers as your loved ones take a cool dip in the pool

What do the guests say?

  • mixing environmentally friendly aspects like solar power into something as extravagant as infinity pools certainly sets a benchmark for other luxury boutique hotels to follow
  • the spa treatment with hot pebbles is certainly a highlight of their visit 
  • the dry sauna is a treat for guests who are not too fond of swimming and prefer stress release through methods of heat


What kind of ingredients are used at the Areias do Seixo Restaurant? What type of meals can I expect?

When in search of the perfect dining experience – the Areias do Seixo certainly does not disappoint. The hotel’s restaurant is on site and mainly uses local authentic produce of the region and from the own gardens. Two further restaurant, the Noah Surf House and the Beach House are in the center of Santa Cruz. From celebration nights courtesy of the Noah Surf House Cocktail Bar, to fine dining in the hotel’s main restaurant – there are all shades to this hotel. Presenting local flavors and ingredients on a beautiful platter to the guests, each delicacy leaves you licking your fingers and anticipating more. Yet, if you truly want to experience local flavors, the catch-of-the-day menu by the Beach Restaurant is a great experience for seafood lovers.

Key Facts

  • the Areias do Seixo Restaurant is on site, the Noah Surf House Restaurant and the Noah Beach House Restaurant are situated in Santa Cruz
  • the ingredients used in the bar and restaurants are locally produced – some coming from the hotel gardens
  • all restaurants have a special menu for children

What is special?

  • sip on crisp white wine as the waves gush in the distance and the lights of the Noah Beach House Restaurant shine in front of the eyes, producing a palette of vivid colors
  • enjoy the essence of a truly local breakfast with local cheese and fresh fruits, even if you wake up a tad bit late
  • as you munch on the Surf House’s delicacies, feel your taste buds take a trip from Portuguese cuisine to the Middle East, to Japan, and then returning to delicious Mediterranean flavors

What do the guests say?

  • an abundance of vegetarian options makes the vegan and vegetarians guests truly happy with the menu
  • couples visiting with children love the idea of special menus for the kids to enjoy 
  • friends get-togethers courtesy of the Noah Surf House Restaurant, its cocktail bar and varied menu are an absolute treat for those visiting in a group


Are there activities that cater to adventurists as well as those who like to relax?

The modern and chic ambiance of your room may leave you wanting to never leave. However, the Areias do Seixo understands there are explorers amongst us who wish to roam the land – and thus provides recreational opportunities for its guests. Whether you prefer to explore the area on bike or by foot walking through golden sand dunes, pine trees and astonishing cliffs – you are at complete liberty to do so. If hoping for some community action, go for outdoor group activities, or visit the vegetable gardens to get your hands dirty!

Key Facts

  • excursions to the organic gardens with the hotel farmers are arranged for the garden lover at heart 
  • yoga classes on the shores are available for fitness enthusiasts
  • easily explore the beautiful area around the hotel by foot or by bike

What is special?

  • enjoy the rush of the air towards your face as your travel down the clifftop on bike to reach the beach
  • feel the calmness in the air as you meditate peacefully on sandy shores 
  • Pick the organic produce from the hotel’s own garden and create authentic dishes.

What do the guests say?

  • walking through golden dunes with the sound of the Atlantic ocean in your ears can be a curatively treatment for body and mind
  • the abundance of nature-related activities is like a breath of fresh air, different from the usual hotel excursions 
  • budding horticulturists find their skills polished as the vegetation tours, which are not only informative, but the guides are very friendly

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