Situated in a UNESCO protected Biosphere Reserve, the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is a glamping destination perfect for people of all ages. This remarkable wilderness retreat is set amongst one of the last remaining ancient temperate rainforests in the world. Here you will find five-star cuisine, an impressive menu of restorative and wellness experiences, luxurious comfort, as well as, both land- and water-based adventures ranging from low impact to extreme fun. The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is “luxury gone wild” at its finest and should be experienced at least once in your lifetime.


Why is the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort one of the best places for an adventurous stay in British Columbia?

The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is an all-inclusive eco-safari resort destination located on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Set in an iconic location amidst the lush forests of Crown Land and Strathcona Provincial Park, this remote sanctuary is only accessible by floatplane. Explore the area’s temperate rainforest, lakes, rivers and alpine peaks and discover an array of wildlife species. The Clayoquot provides unforgettable experiences in the heart of the wild, while enjoying the lap of luxury.

Key Facts

  • the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is a 45-minute scenic seaplane ride from Vancouver Airport with spectacular views of snow capped mountains, lush forests and flowing rivers
  • upon landing, you are transported by horse and cart and greeted with sparkling wine at the resort
  • the property is comprised of over 600 verdant and beautiful river valley acres

What is special?

  • leave the city life behind as you immerse yourself in the all-enveloping nature that houses rare species and cedars more than 1,000 years old
  • connect with the beauty of nature as you explore walking trails, waterfalls, rope bridges, rivers and even an old mine
  • opt for an early rise and shine and experience the beauty of the magical morning mist hovering over the lake, marking the start of a new day filled with endless adventures

What do the guests say?

  • guests insist that you won’t want to leave the incredible property
  • with a breathtaking location and up-close and personal experiences guests rave that your days spent at the lodge will be unforgettable
  • wildlife sightings is one of the biggest highlights of guests staying at the lodge


How are the private spaces? What type of views can I expect from my tent?

With an ode to turn-of-the-century great camps, the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort features 25 great white canvas tents, each with the spoils of luxurious comforts, including king size beds with plush down duvets, en-suite bathrooms with heated floors, private outdoor showers and luxe linens. Whether you are nestled into the forest in the Hillside Classic Tent, or down on the lake in the Waterfront Ensuite Tent, you will be greeted with impalpable views of the spectacular landscapes. For the ultimate experience in blissful solitude, opt for the Clayoquot Cloud Camp, perched high above on a 1,500 foot cliff and only reachable by helicopter.

Key Facts

  • the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is comprised of 27 tents, featuring plush beds, wood stoves, oriental rugs and other luxe amenities
  • most tents feature full bathrooms with heated floors and outdoor showers
  • included in the price of your stay are: all activities, meals and snacks, gear to borrow, all drinks and wine, fishing licenses and daily yoga classes
  • due to the remote location and intimate size of the resort, the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort only offers three-, four-, and seven-night packages

What is special?

  • enjoy the ultimate glamping experience as you unwind in luxurious tents, furnished with antiques and authentic lighting indicative of previous time periods, as well as soft, ornate rugs
  • embrace the royal treatment as you are greeted by a private chef, yoga teacher and massage therapist at the Cloud Camp
  • listen to the soundtrack of nature from the comforts of your heated tent, as you drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep

What do the guests say?

  • the Clayoquot Cloud Camp is highly recommended for a honeymoon getaway
  • guests love how unique and luxurious accommodations are while, at the same time, fitting in with the surrounding wilderness
  • travelers find the tents to be extremely comfortable and charmingly furnished

Pools & Spa

What’s the best way to relax during my stay at the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort?

The Healing Grounds Spa offers an array of innovative massages and treatments, including Thai, Amma and hot stone massage, facial and body treatments, and nail care. These treatments and therapies focus on stress relief from head to toe, and are designed to pamper the body and free the mind. Expert spa therapists specialize in a variety of techniques to improve circulation, accelerate detoxification, and release tensions. Whether you simply want to gift yourself with a little “me time” or you are seeking some restoration after an adventurous day, the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is happy to personalize your spa experience.

Key Facts

  • all resort packages include a 60-minute full-body relaxation massage
  • this secluded resort features four treatment rooms and a waterfront massage tent
  • the Wild Wellness Signature Package combines yoga/meditation sessions with various massage therapies for the ultimate wellness treatment

What is special?

  • heat up in one of the three round cedar hot tubs and cool down in the cold plunge tub, as you soak in the panoramic views from the best seats in the house
  • enjoy a detoxifying and restorative session in the saunas heated by wood-burning stoves
  • after a blissful spa treatment, continue your relaxation in the tranquil outdoor lounge space where peaceful isolation awaits

What do the guests say?

  • guests rave their spa experience was pure magic and their spa therapist delivered first-class service
  • avid spa-goers describe the massages as the best they have ever had
  • guests are mesmerized by the atmosphere and how the spa takes advantage of the beautiful landscape


What type of dining experience can I expect at the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort? Will I have more than one restaurant to choose from?

Start your mornings with energy-restoring breakfasts and end your evenings with a tantalizing dinner, at “The Cookhouse” restaurant, the resort’s main dining venue. Whether you are dining with a view into the open kitchen, or reserve a private dining experience at the coveted eight-top table on the fireside deck, the award-winning chef Michael Pataran and his team prepare delectable dishes 100 % sourced from British Columbia. For a truly special experience, lounge by the fireside, at the “Ivanhoe Glass Lounge” with a cocktail in hand as you try to catch glimpses of bears, eagles, blue herons, otters, and seals carrying on with their daily lives. The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort also happily accommodates children’s tastes with offerings such as chicken fingers and beef sliders.

Key Facts

  • the restaurant advocates the slow food movement where everything from pastries to ice cream and other treats are made in house
  • the resort offers morning tea and coffee delivery service to your tent
  • cuisines are prepared with sustainable, locally grown, foraged and harvested ingredients

What is special?

  • admire the views from the picturesque floor-to-ceiling windows at the beautiful Ivanhoe Glass Lounge Bar, overlooking the estuary, where the river spills into the ocean
  • savor sumptuous spirits from over twenty British Columbia distillers that are used to handcraft inventive cocktails
  • experience an immersive and conversational meal with the “Faith” tasting concept, as the chef takes you on a culinary journey and curates mouth-watering creations, course by course

What do the guests say?

  • “Faith” tasting is an euphoric experience not to be missed, according to guests
  • guests are blown away by how scrumptious the cuisine is, and the ambiance of the cozy and inviting dining cabin
  • guests enjoy the intimacy of having a candlelit dinner in the family dining tent


How can I spend my days at the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort?

From fishing to wildlife viewing, from horse riding to mountain biking, it is all available for you to enjoy at the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort. Take your pick of the endless list of activities or simply kick back, relax, enjoy the views, peace and tranquility of this secluded haven. If adventure is what you are seeking, ride the tides of the crystal clear rivers or grab a board and head to the nearby seaside town of Tofino for some world-class surfing. With daily yoga classes and a weight room, you never have to worry about missing a workout while on holiday.

Key Facts

  • final decisions for excursions are made each evening depending on personal preferences, the tide and the weather forecast
  • each guests’ stay includes a minimum of one half day of fishing
  • specially designed programs are available for children to go on explorations and take part in various activities

What is special?

  • hop aboard one of the resorts’ Zodiac boats which will whisk you through crystal clear rivers for up-close and personal wildlife encounters
  • experience nature viewing at its best as you watch majestic eagles soar through the skies, sea lions bask and black bears forage for food
  • catch a glimpse of the gentle giants of the sea, on a whale watching expedition, as you watch the thrilling animals in their natural habitats

What do the guests say?

  • guests love starting their days with morning meditations or yoga classes on the open-air pavilion
  • the endless outdoor activities afford breathtaking and awe-inspiring opportunities to create unforgettable memories for guests
  • vacationers feel like there are more than enough activities to fill their days

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