Set within a golden oasis of ancient sandstone cliffs within the Ashar Valley of Saudi Arabia, Habitas AlUla is a serene resort for the sustainably minded traveller looking for a unique escape. Constructed of organic and ethically sourced materials, the property blends seamlessly with its desert surroundings. The fitness programs, spa, and expansive yoga deck make it the perfect place for a wellness retreat, while the swimming pool and restaurant bring indulgence and relaxation to your stay. Through excursions and activities, you will be immersed in the culture and history of the region and are sure to leave with incredible memories and stories to share. 


How remote and private is Habitas AlUla?

The plunging cliffs of the Ashar Valley create a dramatic backdrop to this luxury resort. The property is only 25 miles from a major domestic airport, yet you will feel a million miles away as you gaze out across the vast expanse of desert and sky. No cars are allowed into this private resort. Valet your car outside the property, and an electric cart will whisk you to your villa. Each day, a crimson sun rises over a sanctuary of calm, while darkness brings a sparkling array of stars over the rugged landscape. Nearby Hegra, the UNESCO World Heritage site, contains the remains of the ancient Nabatean civilization, ready to explore. 

Key Facts

  • flights arrive at Prince bdul Majeed Bin Abdulaziz-Mogayla Airport (ULH) with connecting flights from international hubs in Jeddah and Riyadh
  • the resort is surrounded by a natural museum of history and nature for adventurous guests to discover
  • the remote location is a refuge of quiet and calm for those looking for relaxation

What is special?

  • this eco-resort is designed to blend into the beautiful landscape
  • the property offers a paid airport shuttle service
  • nearby Hegra is Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site

What do the guests say?

  • the valley itself is very quiet, with no outside noise
  • it’s paradise – the ultimate place to relax, reset and enjoy the environment
  • the setting is out of this world, shining like a diamond in the middle of beautiful mountains


What types of rooms are available at Habitas AlUla?

Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the Ashar Valley with scenic canyon views and burning sunsets from the quiet alcove of your private villa. Serene pathways lead to 96 sustainably designed eco-bungalows, split between three categories. Celestial rooms are set among the sandstone cliffs, while Alcove rooms sit within the canyons and the top-tier Canyon rooms are fully immersed in the valley with endless desert views. The earth-toned hues meld into the surrounding landscape and will have you feeling one with nature as you stargaze from your private deck. 

Key Facts

  • the resort consists of 96 spacious villas
  • the three villa types to choose from include premium Celestial Rooms, Alcove Rooms, and Canyon Rooms
  • all villas have king-sized beds, air conditioning, indoor & outdoor showers, an outdoor lounge, and scenic canyon views

What is special?

  • cars are valeted outside the resort and transportation to the villas and around the property is provided via electric carts
  • all villas are on the ground floor and therefore provide easy access
  • take in the dramatic landscape day and night from your private outdoor deck

What do the guests say?

  • the eco-bungalows were exquisitely designed – something out of the architectural digest
  • The blending of the interior and exterior was so peaceful and calming
  • The villa was lovely, they may look purely functional from one side, but they are exquisite inside

Pools & Spa

What can I expect from the spa and wellness areas at Habitas AlUla?

With rituals and ceremonies at the core of the wellness journey at Habitas AlUla, this is the ultimate place to recharge, relax and feel connected. The peaceful and luxurious property includes an alchemy bar, spa, fitness center, outdoor wellness agora, yoga studio, and swimming pool. Embrace local culture with ancestral detox treatments using local oils and herbs. Thuraya Wellness Spa was named after a star constellation used for navigation, and it is sure to lead you on the path of physical and soulful transformation and discovery.

Key Facts

  • therapies & rituals combine global and Middle Eastern techniques and ancestral practices
  • wake up to daily sun salutations in the expansive yoga studio and outdoor deck 
  • beat the desert heat with a refreshing swim in the substantial and luxurious outdoor swimming pool

What is special?

  • the alchemy bar offers a variety of local essential oils, herbal teas, and body scrubs for a sensorial discovery 
  • wellness programs include art and culture walks, canyon trekking, yoga, meditation, and breathwork
  • sunken fitness trampolines are on-site for physical training and fun

What do the guests say?

  • this is a place to cool down, meditate and mix with people from all over the world
  • A spectacular setting for an experience that is soulful and mindful
  • the place is surreal and relaxing


Will the restaurant at Habitas AlUla serve traditional recipes?

From classic to unique, the flavors found at Tama Restaurant at Habitas AlUla are like everything else, inspired by the location. Tama means here and now and is where guests from around the world come together for a mindful and immersive culinary experience. Journey through time with ingredients sourced from local farms and along the same route as the ancient spice trade. Large picture windows allow the golden light and exceptional views to pour into the dining room as you enjoy beautifully prepared meals from morning to night.   

Key Facts

  • dishes combine global & Middle Eastern cuisine
  • all ingredients are sourced from local farms in communities surrounding AlUla
  • breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages, and desserts are all served from Tama Restaurant on the property

What is special?

  • the restaurant uses local, fresh ingredients and spices once traded along the ancient incense route
  • plant-based, gluten-free, and nut-free options are available
  • experience the flavors of the local area with many traditional dishes on the menu

What do the guests say?

  • the restaurant was also excellent – we only had dinner and drinks there, but everything we had was fantastic
  • it is a must to visit this place and enjoy the food and drink at the bar
  • the food was amazing


Although this is a secluded hotel, are there cultural activities that I can experience nearby?

Although Habitas Alula is remote, it is strategically located for you to enjoy easy access to nearby attractions. Often referred to as an outdoor museum due to the archaeological wonders and surreal landscape, the Alulu area is steeped in history. Only a 15-minute drive takes you to Hegra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can explore over 110 remarkably well-preserved tombs set in a desert landscape. Ride a camel over ancient sands, trek among the sandstone peaks or stargaze under a magnificent night sky to soak in the unique environment. Book your excursions through the resort, where experienced guides will take you on the adventure of a lifetime. 

Key Facts

  • the surreal rock outcroppings that dot the landscape can be explored on foot, bicycle, 4×4, Arabian horse, or camel
  • nearby Hegra allows you to experience Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • through activities and events at Habitas you will learn about the ancient people and culture of AlUla

What is special?

  • witness traditional Saudi music concerts and partake in lectures, films, and documentaries on Saudi society and AlUla’s history
  • AlUla showcases rock formations, canyons, and cliffs that rival the majestic wonders of the world
  • budding astronomers will enjoy this exceptional location for stargazing 

What do the guests say?

  • we had a wonderful time exploring the place and would definitely return
  • a place where you break away from civilization and enjoy the opportunities that the desert gives you
  • we traveled around on electric bikes and if we needed to, we called for a buggy and were picked up in minutes

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