The Hanging Gardens of Bali arise as a striking formation, suspended over the dense rainforest. Walking into your room surrounded by indigenous cocoa trees and vibrant orchids for the first time, is one of those feelings that make you wish you could experience over and over again. Create special memories you are sure to cherish a lifetime as you plunge into the refreshing world-famous pool that gives you the unique sensation of floating above treetops.


How far is the resort from the airport? Where is the next town?

The beautiful Hanging Gardens of Bali is nestled in a stunning jungle valley near the remote little village of Payangan. Resting on the edge of a serene jungle, the resort overlooks the mesmerizing Ayung River as lush rainforest and picturesque rice terraces surround. This tropical paradise and its unique views of Bali’s indigenous flora and fauna are sure to cast a mesmerizing spell over you.

Key Facts

  • 90-minute drive from Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport
  • just 30 minutes from Ubud’s center that is known as the cultural heart of Bali
  • 40-minute scooter ride to the closest beach

What is special?

  • the mix of the incredible view over the tropical jungle and the calming sounds of the Ayung River makes the Hanging Gardens the perfect place to experience nature
  • the ancient Dalem Segara temple sits just amongst the lush green jungle and picturesque rice terraces that surround the plunging gorge below
  • arrive in style as you relax in a luxury VIP limousine airport transfer, creating a first impression of utter ease

What do the guests say?

  • perfect seclusion for couples and honeymooners
  • highly recommended if you are looking to spend an unforgettable time in a tropical paradise
  • many loved that the grounds are well manicured and incredibly beautiful to explore


Which rooms can I choose from? What kind of view awaits me?

Each spectacular villa is designed to stand in complete seclusion and harmony with nature as the traditional décor, the cascading Ayung River and magical sounds of the lush rainforest come together to create a magical and truly authentic experience on the Island of Gods. Take the time to recharge and restore your energy in luxury bedding as ceiling to glass floor windows allow for light to fill the room with joy and the perfect morning atmosphere.

Key Facts

  • The Hanging Gardens of Bali features 38 villas and suites
  • each with king-sized bed, private terrace with its own granite-lined, heated 
infinity pool and lounge area under a traditional pavilion with huge floor cushions
  • choose from Panoramic Villas, Riverside Villas, Family Villas and Villa Suites

What is special?

  • traditional Alang Alang thatched roofs in complete harmony with nature and the serene Balinese jungle come together to create a beautiful space
  • treat yourself to an all-encompassing luxury as you book the Hidden Palace, a luxury villa hideaway completely submerged within the jungle
  • relax in utter infinity and stability of energy as the hotel works with Feng Shui principles to create a calming and restoring environment

What do the guests say?

  • guests enjoyed how comfortable and spacious the rooms were
  • highly recommended for those who would like to enjoy a private and discrete vacation with loved ones
  • travelers didn’t hesitate to pronounce this “Heaven on Earth”

Pools & Spa

Where is the spa area? Will there be a view of the jungle?

Lavish beauty therapies, signature treatments and indulging rejuvenating massages that combine natural, local ingredients and ancient Balinese techniques are sure to energize the body and reconnect it with the soul. As you dive into one of the most photographed and exclusive infinity plunge pools in the world, Ubud’s rippling Ayung River and the lush rainforest provides an unparalleled background to your peaceful escape.

Key Facts

  • natural, local ingredients and ancient Balinese techniques
  • open-planned reflexology area working on the pressure points of your feet
  • a variety of beauty treatments such as massages and facials on offer  

What is special?

  • dive into the world’s most remarkable cascading pool as the stunning jungle backdrop transforms the magical epicentre into a truly spiritual destination
  • find your inner balance as the Royal Spa Suite overlooking the lively Ayung River creates an elegant setting to the meditative sounds of the jungle
  • let yourself be carried away by the 3-hour River Bliss treatment including a variety of soothing facials, massages and body wraps

What do the guests say?

  • the The Hanging Gardens of Bali pool is truly the focal point of the hotel
  • honeymooners and lovers highly recommend the Sweet Nothing treatment
  • the jungle view transformed the whole spa experience into pure bliss, travelers stated


What is the main restaurant like? What kind of cuisine awaits me?

Embark on a truly unique culinary journey through Balinese ingredients, flavors and seasonings as you make your way through lush tropical rainforests and gaze upon a swimming pool seemingly floating through the jungle. Sit back, relax and raise your glass to unparalleled views, astonishing cuisine and vibrantly colorful petals decorating the grounds as you make unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Key Facts

  • the restaurant at the The Hanging Gardens of Bali offers a mix of Asian and Western cuisine with locally sourced ingredients
  • the Three Elements open-air bar and lounge overlooks the pool and the river
  • the hotel offers an Afternoon English Tea Package ceremony in the heart of the wild jungle

What is special?

  • embark on a fascinating journey of divine Balinese culinary cooking lessons as you discover unique flavors through fresh homegrown and exotic ingredients
  • indulge in an intimate gourmet dinner at the Dalem Segara Temple in the heart of the jungle followed by a walk and purification ritual with a local Mangku (Balinese Holyman)
  • take a break from your day to day adventures and enjoy freshly made pastries as you look out onto the soothing yet powerful Ayung River

What do the guests say?

  • guests loved that the service went above and beyond to fulfill specific needs
  • enjoying the view of the Ayung River and plunge pool while enjoying Balinese dishes was a true highlight for many
  • participating in a traditional Balinese cooking class is highly recommended


What kind of experiences await me? How can I spend my days?

Discover the exceptional diversity of this award-winning resort and its utterly beautiful Balinese surroundings just waiting to be explored by you. Truly celebrate, once-in-a-lifetime moments with your loved ones as an extensive selection of adventures such as trekking through the Monkey Forest, await. Even moments as simple as diving into the incredibly refreshing floating pool rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Key Facts

  • nearby Ubud is a lively little hippie town filled with shops and lovely restaurants and cafés
  • the Monkey Forest, inhabited by around 600 Balinese long tail monkeys, is closeby and great fun to visit
  • rent a scooter and head out to the famous Tegalalang Rice Terraces for an exciting half-day adventure

What is special?

  • learn the art of ancient classical yoga as you still your mind and raise your consciousness during a calming class held deep in the vibrant jungle
  • let an experienced local guide accompany you on an educative morning walk through lush rice fields, valleys and nearby villages
  • embark on a spiritual journey as a Balinese healer symbolically cleans your soul and you receive blessings from the Gods deep in Ubud’s jungle

What do the guests say?

  • guests were happy exploring Bali on their own, never experiencing a dull moment as the island has so much to offer
  • activities such as yoga classes or cleanses made visitors stays out of this world and truly rounded off the spiritual experience
  • walking through the rice fields while listening to the sounds of birds and insects was the perfect start to the day for most

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