As you walk through the snow laden gates of the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, a Winter Wonderland welcomes you as you pass by christmas trees and reindeer farms sprinkled across the snowy northern countryside of Finnish Lapland.  This family resort truly embodies the charm of the North Pole and while the landscape might be snowy, it will leave you melting, as the polar light shines it`s way through the glass ceiling, bathing the room in magical twighlight.


What makes the Kakslauttanen so magical? How are the different seasons?

Hidden deep within the Arctic wilderness, the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is almost at the Northernmost tip of mainland Europe and not far from the Arctic Sea and the Northern Cape. Enjoy fields covered in glistening snow, frost covered arctic forests and reindeer farms as sunlight filters through the trees around you. As the sun sets, watch the northern lights cast their magical glow and let Narnia come to life around you.

Key Facts

  • Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort lies deep within the Finish Laplands, merely 250 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle
  • experience wilderness in one of Finland’s largest National Parks Urho Kekkonen just nearby
  • transportation is offered to and from Italo Airport
  • possibility of renting a group bus with glass roofs for a better look at Lapland’s beautiful surroundings

What is special?

  • watch the heart of winter come to life as polar lights, meters of snow and starry skies encompass you
  • during fall season guests you can go on scenic hikes through autumn colored forests as you pick mushrooms and berries that can be enjoyed on the spot
  • share your love with family and friends in an intimate arctic wedding at the resort’s Ice Chapel

What do the guests say?

  • guests are in awe and announce this to be the most magical place they have ever been to
  • highly recommended as the best spot to view the northern lights from
  • the perfect intimate location for honeymooners and lovebirds


Where can I get cozy and escape the cold arctic air? Will I see the aurora lights from my bed?

Snuggle up for nature’s sweetest bedtime stories filled with tales of dancing luminescent polar lights, skies filled with twinkling stars and the vast arctic nature surrounding you. As you create beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime memories with loved ones, doze off into a soothing winter slumber to views that dreams are truly made of. All this is the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort experience.

Key Facts

  • accommodations are within short walking distance from restaurants and other services
  • a wide variety of rooms such as glass and snow igloos, log chalets, wedding chambers, queen suites and traditional houses
  • the roofs of the glass igloos are made of thermal glass that keeps the rooms nice and warm while staying transparent for optimal aurora viewing

What is special?

  • book a glass igloo – available from August through April – and get a magnificent front row seat to the greatest light show on earth
  • get cozy and combine the comforting warmth of log chalets with the sensational views of the glass igloos in newly built kelo-glass igloos
  • spend romantic, wifi-free nights in nature at most of the resorts accommodations and take a much needed break from busy life

What do the guests say?

  • guests love how cozy the beds are and enjoy cuddling under the stars
  • glass igloos are the most requested rooms by far and a true bucket list-experience  
  • visitors love their wifi- and tv-free time spent indulging in the here and now while fully taking in their surroundings

Pools & Spa

Where can I rejuvenate and enjoy a relaxing day? Which types of Saunas await me at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort?

Work a sweat, detoxify and enjoy the Finnish way of life in any of the three lavish on-site smoke saunas that are considered Finnish sacred healing places. Top off your northern spa experience and participate in the ancient tradition of ice swimming to get your blood circulation flowing. You are sure to leave your unique day at the saunas with flushed rosy cheeks, relaxed and connected to nature.  

Key Facts

  • choose from three different sized smoke saunas and enjoy one of the largest saunas in the world
  • heat up in private dressing rooms with personal fireplaces
  • saunas must be ordered ahead of time as it takes 6-10 hours to heat them up

What is special?

  • go ice swimming after the jetty and cool off in frozen over river water that is cut open for your very own Finnish swimming experience
  • sip on a glass of refreshing natural river water from on-site springs which are pure enough to drink
  • indulge in luxurious heat as outside temperatures tumble to frosty -30°C

What do the guests say?

  • guests highly request taking a trip to the smoke saunas and enjoyed the cultural experience
  • jumping into the ice lake is a memorable way to top off the spa day
  • guests booked into cabins enjoy immensely the sauna experience from the privacy of their accommodations


What kind of cuisine can I expect? Where can I enjoy a northern dining experience?

Finns are fiercely loyal to their culinary roots which makes their cuisine an important cultural element every traveler to Finland must experience. The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort’s restaurants are the perfect place to immerse yourself in the Lappish cuisine as the majority of dishes is focused on the local traditions, using fresh ingredients of the region that are sure to get your taste buds soaring.

Key Facts

  • Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort offers two on-site restaurants offer an à la carte menu of luxuriant Lappish cuisine
  • groups booking in advance can dine in Santa’s Celebration House ‚ Korsu – the “Underground Restaurant” or the Smoke Sauna Restaurant
  • a wide variety of wines is being offered to complement your nordic dining experience

What is special?

  • enjoy three course dinners at Aurora, the world’s largest log cabin restaurant with a heated glass igloo bar for beautiful views to toast to
  • relish in traditional Lappish specialties such as creamy salmon soup, sautéed reindeer or char-grilled salmon  

What do the guests say?

  • guests marvel at how the resort puts together elaborated dishes in such a remote location
  • vacationers enjoy trying traditional Finnish cuisine for the first time
  • service is highly praised and rounds off the experience for most


What kind of arctic adventures await me at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort? Will I see nordic wildlife?

Get connected with the arctic wilderness and feel the thrill of an polar explorer, when every mile brings you further away from civilization. Enjoy a Finnish blessing from above as soft snowflakes brush your face while you cross the arctic wilderness on a sled pulled by a herd of huskies. On your stops step away from daily life and reconnect with the magical nature around you as you cuddle up to your new loyal furry friends and breathe in Lapland’s fresh, clean air. 

Key Facts

  • the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort offers a wide variety of winter activities such as snow tank safaris, horse and sled rides, skiing and much more
  • experience the beauty of Finnish autumn while on excursions chasing northern lights, cruising on lakes and embarking on action ridden ATV safaris
  • in the summer time enjoy horse safaris, visit reindeer farms and go on beautiful canoe or kayaking adventures

What is special?

  • learn to steer your own sled on husky safaris through northern nature pulled by the eager and friendly dogs  
  • ride snowmobiles across frozen rivers and stop to go on northern ice fishing excursions on the way
  • spin the wheel of fortune as you go on a rare gold panning excursion in the nearby river banks

What do the guests say?

  • going on a husky safari is highly requested by travelers and a frequent favorite
  • one never gets bored as there are an overwhelming amount of activities offered
  • as there is no shortage of places to discover, guests on a tighter budget never get bored setting out to explore on their own

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