Nestled among the Elaphiti Islands, this car-free Croatian island is an oasis of calm providing respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If it is peace and privacy you are seeking, you will undoubtedly find it at this medieval sanctuary surrounded by sacred gardens. If it’s masterful culinary creations you crave, your personal chef will ensure your appetite is satiated. If it’s an adventure you seek, the sea serves as your backyard and the adrenaline-inducing activities available to you are endless. Whatever you desire, Lopud 1483 is there to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your every need is met.


What makes Lopud 1483’s location so unique? Why should I stay here during a trip to Croatia?

Situated in the northern region of the breathtaking Lopud Island in Croatia, Lopud 1483 is a 15th century Franciscan monastery turned into a grand and luxurious accommodation. Fusing history with modern architectural charm, the restored monastery overlooks the beautiful Elaphiti Islands. As the sea breeze sweeps the hair, the surrounding Olive trees and lush green vegetation make the villa a treat for the eyes and a haven for the mind. Merely an hour away from Dubrovnik, Lopud 1483 offers scenic views of nearby islands, a peek into the Mljet National Park, and a memorable getaway for a good time with loved ones.

Key Facts

  • Lopud is a car-free island 
  • the hotel is just a short speedboat ride to Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • hiking trails, sandy beaches, historic gardens and spiritual spaces can be found on the island

What is special?

  • explore the depths surrounding the Elaphiti Islands on a snorkeling adventure in the blue caves of Kolocep 
  • enjoy meditative moments in the tranquil corner of the property that houses a restored monastery’s medicinal garden
  • spend your day island hopping, ultimately settling in on the boat deck and watching the sunset over Old Town


How many rooms does Lopud 1483 have? How many guests can this hotel accommodate?

Offering living space for up to 10 guests, this monastery features 5 luxurious suites with spacious interiors, modern fittings, plush comfortable bedrooms, and lavish bathroom amenities. While these 5 rooms were restored from 13 original cells, the facilities are nothing short of contemporary wonders. Yet, they keep the spirit of the monastery alive with chic artworks and historical plaster, creating a timeless, picturesque scenery for the visitor. Embrace your mornings in the Lopud 1483 with a vibrant cup of coffee and a peek into the serene lower gardens or splashing waters beyond through the gorgeous glass windows.

Key Facts

  • 5 exquisite suites make up the property
  • each room boasts views of the sea or medicinal garden
  • bespoke furniture and contemporary art pieces are a highlight of the abodes

What is special?

  • Renaissance-era art pieces outfitting the space will make you feel as though you are staying in your own private art gallery
  • enjoy a sumptuous meal, curated just for you, without ever having to leave the comforts of your room
  • cultural and history buffs will appreciate the the original features of the property, including the graffitied walls

Pools & Spa

Is there a spa at Lopud 1483? What types of services can I indulge in?

Panoramic views, landscaped gardens, and picturesque architecture; while all of this plays a role in promoting wellness of the visitor, Lopud 1483 also has something special planned to pamper all guests. Venture outside for a dip in the crystal-clear sea through the hotel’s private access or stay in for a rejuvenating wellness experience and massage a la carte. Opt for the local inspired and holistic Swedish massage to have your mind and body relaxed, or choose a specific one, such as the face massage. While experts caress the body, reducing muscle spasms and aiding mobility, the essential oils seep in for skin that glows and a soul that feels rejuvenated.

Key Facts

  • spa treatments can be enjoyed in a massage room or a location preferred by the guest
  • in-house meditation experts can be arranged 
  • yoga and personal training sessions are available

What is special?

  • engage all your senses with a barefoot stroll through the sacred garden, experiencing its restorative powers
  • take all the guesswork out of your treatment selection and allow the therapist to curate a treatment specific to your individual needs
  • athletes and regularly active guests can enjoy a revitalizing sports massage pre or post your physical activity


I’d like to set up a romantic dinner during my stay? Is that an option?

Pairing local delicacies with modern twists, the culinary experience at Lopud 1483 is unparalleled. Enjoy unique, traditional, and locally sourced dishes in the veranda, beneath lush trees and in the lower gardens, or have the staff deliver them to the suite for an intimate, private dining experience. From vegetarian dishes to meat delights, the menu options at this sanctuary are immense. Enjoy a freshly caught Snapper fillet with Buzara local stew and finish off the meal with traditional desserts like Paradizot. Or for a fun yet romantic evening, mark an end to the day by sipping Galic Chardonnay under the bright stars and reminiscing the old memories and new ones you continue to make in places as mesmerizing as the Lopud 1483. For someone hoping to pop the proposal question – this might just be the perfect moment to do so!

Key Facts

  • a half-board plan is available, including: lunch or dinner with selected local wines, beers, soft drinks and house spirits
  • a full-board option can be arranged upon request
  • dining experiences can be enjoyed in your place of choice

What is special?

  • whatever you desire, your private chef will tailor their menus around your tastes and preferences
  • enjoy cocktails and canapes on the rooftop of the fortress, while admiring exceptional views of the islands below
  • delight in the deliciousness of fresh caught sea bass baked in a saltcrust and immersed in a creamy white wine sauce


What types of activities can I enjoy at Lopud 1483?

While the luxurious amenities can entice guests to stay in, the world beyond the Lopud 1483 offers wondrous life-changing experiences. Make most of the stay by stepping out to explore Dubrovnik. Hit the waters and delve deep within through scuba diving or snorkel through the Blue Caves of Kolocep. Adventure enthusiasts can go for an adrenaline-filled experience through a jet ski safari, or bungee jump in the area while the wind gushes through and the mind feels as if it’s flying. Horse ride through Kojan Koral, go for a tour around picturesque gardens, or simply stroll through the beach, barefooted, peace-minded, and prepared to embrace life and its beauty at Lopud 1483.

Key Facts

  • the Lopud team is on hand to create personalized experiences to fit guests interests 
  • a complimentary boat trip is included twice a week for guests
  • outdoor adventures such as cave exploring, hiking/biking trails, and ecotours are available

What is special?

  • sail the seas to nearby Lokrum island and admire its historical fortress and beautiful botanical gardens 
  • embark on a gourmet adventure to the sun-soaked vineyards of the Pelješac Peninsula where you can taste a variety of wines
  • spend a romantic evening at sea, cruising up the Dalmatian coast while enjoying a captivating sunset over Old Town Dubrovnik

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