A single, winding road amidst lush green valleys, wavering its way through the ups and downs of the slopes, and coming to rest upon a cottage in the middle of nowhere – this is the Monteverdi Tuscany. When Cioffi bought this country home in 2003, he hired the famous Ilaria Miani to reinvent the interiors, staying true to its medieval roots yet with a hint of luxury. Today, the Monteverdi Tuscany stands as a lavish retreat and boutique hotel, named after the Italian composer Claudio Monteverdi, and attracting visitors from all over the globe.


What makes the Monteverdi Tuscany a prime location when visiting Tuscany?

As one wanders to the Val d’Orcia, amongst the numerous rolling green hills is one with a special settlement – Castiglioncello di Trinoro. As you make your way through this town, nestled cozily in its heart is the Monteverdi Tuscany. Overlooking the majestic valleys, the dream luxury resort spans around town with its rooms and Private Village Houses (former farmhouses). Offering surreal views and truly Tuscan vibes – this destination is a lovely retreat for those in search of beauty and peace.

Key Facts

  • Val d’Orcia is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and thus a location of interest to history-lovers
  • the boutique hotel is equally distant from Rome and Florence, enhancing convenience
  • from air travel to private transfers and trains, there are multiple ways to get to the Monteverdi Tuscany

What is special?

  • enjoy your mornings in the Private Village Houses with a cup of hot coffee and breathtaking views of surrounding vineyards 
  • encompassing architectural wonders true to Tuscan heritage, take in the lively interiors as if you were in a painting by Giorgio Morandi
  • enlighten yourself with excursions through town, especially visiting the 700-year old restored church Chiesa di Sant’Andrea

What do the guests say?

  • we fell in love with the landscape of the area, with its special meditative feels
  • socializing in Tuscany’s heart came as a treat as guests meddle with non-guests and visitors from around town
  • getting to the hotel is effortless for the guests who take up the private helicopter charters offered by Monteverdi Tuscany


How accommodating is the Monteverdi when traveling in large groups? Will I have WiFi in this remote location?

Whether you are an individual searching for some ‘me’ time or are traveling with family for a time of peace and adventure – the Monteverdi Tuscany offers luxurious accommodation for all. The main hotel has 20 rooms of modern interiors, yet the same Tuscany vibe. On the other hand, if you are a large group in the hopes of a grand holiday retreat, the three Private Village Houses located at the edge of town are just what you need. With all rooms offering air conditioning, WiFi, a widely hospitable room service and surreal views – the Monteverdi Tuscany is the getaway everybody desires.

Key Facts

  • the main hotel consists of three types of rooms: Village Rooms, Village Suites and Tuscan View Suites 
  • the three Private Village Houses range with availability of 2-6 bedrooms, catering families of all sizes
  • while the rooms can be hired for a per-day rent, the private village houses can be acquired for both daily and weekly purposes with a three-night minimum – making them a wonderful holiday home

What is special?

  • enjoy your time in the calming interiors of the rooms, taking in the wooden beams and grand marble baths for a time of solace
  • calling all art lovers, the creative paintings lining the walls of the Private Village Houses are no less than pure magic for the audience
  • relax in the Private Village Houses located within the beautiful village, with bespoke dining as a private chef emerges from the state-of-the-art kitchen with freshly made Tuscan delicacies in hand

What do the guests say?

  • the fact that the hotel offers interconnected rooms is very accommodating, especially when traveling with friends and relatives
  • although amenities like the internet are hard to come by in relatively remote areas and valleys, we highly appreciated its high-speed internet connection at the Monteverdi Tuscany
  • combining local culture with modern amenities is a difficult task but we really enjoyed a beautiful fusion of both throughout the hotel

Pools & Spa

What type of massage treatments can I enjoy during my stay?

Rejuvenation comes easily in the idyllic scenery of Tuscany. The in-house Monteverdi Spa & Wellness Center overlooks the countryside with refreshing views of the valley and lush green forests. Paired with the surreal views, guests have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of facial treatments and massages or to relax in the travertine tubs which are situated on a private terrace. If one is in need for some water treatments, there is a grand heated underground pool to provide the body with a soothing sensation. Coupled with sensory showers and a warm, traditional Hammam treatment, also known as Ancient Warm Ceremony, guests can enjoy a cup of hot herbal tea as their body unwinds.

Key Facts

  • the Spa uses premium luxury products for its guests including Charme D’Orient from Paris
  • the pool experience is inspired by ancient Roman Rituals and thus includes sensory showers and a cold pool
  • the massage experience is unlike any other, using high quality aromatic oils brought in from one of the world’s oldest pharmacies located in Florence

What is special?

  • soak in the majestic heated pool as the sunlight streams through the oversized window, the only source of illumination in the pool
  • immerse yourself in one of the twin travertine soaking tubs for a traditional “Monteverdi Bathing Ritual” as you take in the stunning views of the green hills
  • enter a state of utter bliss as the aromatic oils cover your body in a bespoke massage provided by in-house experts

What do the guests say?

  • I absolutely love the historical Hammam treatments that melted away my worries and tensions in a single sitting.
  • dipping into the serenity pool is a real experience and the water jets and gushing waterfalls are the icing on the cake for sure 
  • we enjoyed our drinks at the beautiful infinity pool next to lavender gardens


I want to experience authentic Italian dining. Does the Monteverdi provide that?

At the Monteverdi Tuscany, original Tuscan cuisine is offered in its fresh, great glory. There is a variety of culinary experiences on offer. If you are in the mood for fine dining, make your way to the Oreade, named after the beautiful mythologicals nymphs that roamed the area. On the other hand, if you want something refreshing and light to enjoy in the afternoon – the lounge and terrace bar is the place to be. The hotel also attracts wine-lovers from all over the world. From drinks in the cozy Library Bar to aperitifs with sweeping views of Tuscany – enjoy the sights as you sip on your cocktail.

Key Facts

  • the hotel offers a variety of distinct flavors of wine, obtained from the nearby areas of Montepulciano and Montalcino
  • the hotel cuisine offers locally produced food; from pecorino cheese created from the milk of nearby sheep, to locally grown herbs
  • the private dining experience allows for a refreshing escape for those who wish to get away from the crowds and enjoy a dinner with their loved ones in complete privacy

What is special?

  • experience a piano concert on the terrace and be taken by breathtaking sunsets
  • lose yourself in the pages of your favorite book as you make yourselves comfortable in the Library Bar
  • enjoy the surreal views of the countryside and stunning vineyards as you sip your luxury wine or cocktail

What do the guests say?

  • we absolutely loved every dining experience at the Monteverdi Tuscany. This hotel offers the authentic taste of Tuscany
  • I rate the food at Oreade as a 5-star experience. Everything was perfect, from the menus to the friendly and hospitable waitresses and waiters
  • the freshest produce used in the delicacies at Oreade is a breath of fresh air for visitors tired of the usual sorts of dining


What is worth getting out of bed for at the Monteverdi Tuscany?

While the solitude and amenities at the Monteverdi Tuscany are enough to convince guests to stay in and simply take in the sights for the duration of their stay, the hotel also offers multiple excursions for those hoping to venture out. Located in the midst of valleys, hiking and trekking enthusiasts find the area as their personal land of adventure. While others can simply go exploring via bikes, cars, or the local steam train! There are also art exhibits and time to time concerts by world famous singers – bound to keep the guests entertained for long.

Key Facts

  • the Monteverdi Music and Arts Program invites globally acclaimed artists to come and perform with the backdrop of the 14th century old picturesque church in the vicinity
  • the Monteverdi Art Gallery exhibits relatively modern pieces of art to encourage newer artists around the globe
  • a region famous for its wine and food, nearby towns of Montalcino can be visited for a glimpse at gorgeous vineyards, and a tour through the wine making process

What is special?

  • strap on your trekking boots for a refreshing hiking experience on the medieval pilgrim route of the Via Francigena
  • hop on the steam train for a unique ride exploring castles and nearby towns
  • sway by the beat of the music, as the concert provides a refreshing means of entertainment and becomes a highlight of your trip

What do the guests say?

  • the music and art exhibits were eye-opening experiences for us and they were all free of charge! 
  • we grew fond of the wine offers and the up-close and personal excursions to world-famous vineyards
  • hiking in the surreal valleys is an absolute treat for adventure-enthusiasts

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