If you are looking for a place where culture meets nature, luxury and Adriatic adventures all wrapped up in one, look no further than One&Only Portonovi. One&Only has brought world-renowned luxury to Boka Bay, with their very first European resort. This resort is an enchanting escape that has been carefully curated with signature experiences to show guests the best Montenegro has to offer. Offerings from Michelin-starred chef, Georgio Locatelli, are brimming with flavor, leaving guests immensely satiated. Fine dining fare is not the only thing that has guests full of delight, spellbinding, waterfront villas complete with a private infinity pool, sunken garden and exceptional views, makes it hard for guests to ever want to leave.


What makes One&Only Portonovi a fantastic base location when traveling to Europe?

Situated near the sun-kissed waters of Boka Bay in Montenegro, the One&Only Portonovi stands as a resplendent hotel spanning 1.2 km of the Adriatic sea. On one end, you can see Montenegro’s famous black mountains, while if you keep an eye out, pristine sandy, but hidden coves make part of the landscape. Like a haven amid the water, the cobbled streets of the resort emit traditional vibes while the mural-filled walls bring in a contemporary flavor. Easily reachable from all 5 airports nearby, the One&Only Portonovi is as its name suggests – unique, and truly one of a kind.

Key Facts

  • One&Only Portonovi is the first property from the One&Only brand in Europe
  • two international airports are less than 60 minutes away from the resort
  • Montenegro is just a few hours’ flight from major capitals including Rome, Paris, and London, making it the perfect base location to explore other cities

What is special?

  • feel toes meld into satiny sands while taking leisurely strolls along the private white-sand beach
  • fragrant landscaped gardens titillate your senses, providing an intoxicating aroma from exotic flora
  • discover a thrilling mix of history and modern vibrancy in the nearby neighborhoods, Kotor and Perast, where you can shop local vendors under covered markets and party the night away at local nightclubs


How many rooms are at One&Only Portonovi? Are there suites to accommodate families and groups of travelers?

The One&Only Portonovi promises to be a private sanctuary for one and for all. From honeymooners to large families, or even a single individual in search of some solitude, there are multiple categories of accommodations. These include 140 rooms in total, spanning 3 types of rooms, 3 types of suites, and 2 gorgeous villas. While you enjoy spacious rooms and luxury furnishings, there is also a private marina to rent – with your own private yacht! Tour the area as your hair flows with the air; or, stay in with your loved ones, enjoying the scenic garden views or relaxing beside the cozy fireplace.

Key Facts

  • there are no bad views at One&Only Portonovi – every suite faces out onto Boka Bay
  • a private butler is available to tend to your every need
  • the resort consists of 140 rooms and villas, private residences and a marina

What is special?

  • relish in ‘outside in’ living, with lavish spaces devoted to outside space and vast views of the bay, gardens or mountains
  • feel the breeze of the bay on your skin as you sit on your private balcony, marveling at magnificent mountains peeking from beyond the horizon of the sea
  • a room for all seasons creates cozy comforts that allows you to sunbathe on your private daybed during warmer weather or have amber flames draw you in during cooler times

Pools & Spa

I’d love to relax during my stay. What type of wellness programs are available at One&Only Portonovi?

At One&Only Portonovi you can let loose and relax – in all ways. While a dip in the hydrotherapy pool gives you the warmth and physical exercise you need to enjoy your time, the Chenot Espace Health Wellness Spa allows you to refresh and rejuvenate. Offering an amalgamation of Western and Chinese medicine, the spa’s holistic services are provided by in-house nutritionists, doctors, beauty experts, and cosmetologists that devise careful plans of detox and the next-gen skincare. Thus, leaving you refreshed to the core, and your skin with a beautiful, youthful glow.

Key Facts

  • Chenot Espace offers a 360-degree approach to guest’s wellbeing and beauty
  • private one-on-one sessions are available at the fitness center
  • multi-dimensional wellness experiences are available; including, al fresco yoga and exercise classes

What is special?

  • make a splash with six different resort pools, each encompassing idyllic views at every turn
  • live a healthier and more mindful life beyond your stay at One&Only Portonovi as spa therapists equip you with a wealth of knowledge for when you return home
  • detoxify, stimulate and reset the body with the Chenot Method® which ensures all plans are specifically tailored to your specific needs


What kind of dining options are on offer at the One&Only Portonovi?

The culinary art at One&Only Portonovi remains unsurpassed. There are 4 main dining options and all widely distinct from the other. To enjoy cheesy pasta and Italian cuisine with fresh organic vegetables, head over to the Sabia restaurant. While truly Montenegro cuisine can be enjoyed at La Veranda. If in the mood to sip cocktails over a friendly chat, the Caminetti Bar is the place to be. However, the true heart of dining in the resort is probably the Tapasake Club. Presenting a fusion of Asian and Japanese flavors, what sets the club apart is the pool nearby! Experience the vibrancy of flavors by the poolside and take a dip once you’re done.

Key Facts

  • there are 3 on-site restaurants, along with a snack bar & deli
  • private dining experiences can be curated for you in a variety of spectacular locations around the resort
  • enjoy flexible menus and service delivered to your room 24-hours a day

What is special?

  • embark on a gastronomic journey and get a taste of traditional local cooking or innovative international dishes 
  • sip and savor Portonovi’s local flavors and fresh ingredients with their chic culinary and bar scene
  • make it a night to remember as you stare up into the starry night skies, with your feet in the sand, and a spread of world-class cuisines adorning your table


What are some things to do during my stay at One&Only Portonovi? Is it easy to explore nearby cities?

The beauty of the resort may have you staying in for long, but the serene outdoors is a must-visit. Wander the waters to find hidden beaches and sit for a private picnic or visit the bio-diverse National Park to gain an up-close and personal look at the flora and fauna. For fans of water sports, book a nearby yacht and set sail with your loved ones, sipping cocktails on board and enjoying the wind. Conversely, history fanatics can sail the boat to the historic town of Kotor, located nearby. In short, the One&Only Portonovi has something for the likes of everyone, making the visit an experience worth revisiting.

Key Facts

  • expert teams are available to curate bespoke experiences for guests
  • One&Only Portonovi offers endless activities for every age
  • a state-of-the-art tennis club with scenic surroundings is available for guests to utilize

What is special?

  • tailor your mood to the rhythm of the sea – indulge in laid back lunches or vibrant after dark festivities, Portonovi is your oyster
  • grab you paddles or lace up your hiking boots and delve into the deepest gorges of Europe at Durmitor National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • explore the picturesque town of Perast where Venetian stone palaces line the shores

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