Pristine pools encompassed by lush banana trees, a traditional Moroccan courtyard and rooms named after African wildlife make this elegantly restored Riad Noir D’Ivoire feel like a lavish secret escape. Intimate hangout spots including the finest cocktail blends as well as impressive wine lists come together to create a hide of singular elegance and luxury.


Where is the Riad Noir D'Ivoire located? Will I be close to Marrakech’s attractions?

Stunning architecture, expressive décor and the ancient Medina steeped in history creates a unique oasis that excites and inspires guests at once. Beyond the walls of this well kept secret of Marrakech, the city clatters and hums as rich aromas of local spices and the smell of ancient foods dance through the air.

Key Facts

  • Riad Noir D’Ivoire is located in one of the oldest and most majestic districts of the Marrakech Medina in Morocco
  • merely a 20 minute drive from Marrakech Menara Airport
  • within short walking distance from everything one would want to see from Old Marrakech

What is special?

  • travel through ancient architecture as you explore a variety of nearby bucket list worthy attractions Marrakech is so infamous for
  • stroll amongst colorfully curated streets, energetic markets filled with exotic spices and vivid patterns not far from your Riad
  • cozy up for a fine night’s sleep despite being in lively Marrakech as the Riad is tucked away in a picturesque Median alleyway that is protected from the hustle and bustle of city life

What do the guests say?

  • guests compare the Riad’s secluded location to a speakeasy and call this the perfect gateway to the middle of Marrakech
  • Staff goes to great lengths to make each guest’s experience as pleasurable and serene as possible
  • visitors absolutely love being able to reach the most stunning and ancient sites of the city within a few minutes


What is the bedding made of? What kind of Moroccan interior awaits me?

Carefully detailed rooms centered around opulent courtyards, bottles of champagne, exotic Moroccan oils and vibrant rose petals decorate your private abode and leave you feeling nothing short of royalty. As the days of exploring the city – brimming with rich, vibrant culture and its hidden treasures – come to an end, your room invites you back into a world of harmony and balance of the senses.

Key Facts

  • Riad Noir D’Ivoire offers nine individually designed traditional Moroccan rooms and suites
  • rooms and balconies allow serene views of summer or winter courtyards
  • private fireplaces in each of the seven suites await you

What is special?

  • a luxurious touch awaits you in upgraded suites featuring fireplaces, private balconies as well as roof terraces and jacuzzis
  • enjoy serene luxury with a separate dressing room and a wonderfully romantic four-poster bed in the Grand Master Suite Panthère
  • dive into luxurious combinations of fine Egyptian cotton and let elegant linen envelope you in a grand welcome

What do the guests say?

  • guests find each room to be a true masterpiece and enjoy little nooks and crannies filled with thoughtful details
  • looking out onto summer or winter courtyards takes the Riad onto an entirely different level
  • booking the Grand Master Suite Panthère is highly recommended

Pools & Spa

Will there be traditional Moroccan steam rooms? What kind or treatments await me?

An alluring scent of traditional Moroccan fragrances of Argan oil, rose flower water and orange blossoms will draw you into the spa of the Riad Noir D’Ivoire. Unwind after a long day in the busy streets of Marrakech on sun loungers by the edge of the hotel’s heated courtyard pool or rise above it all with singular views from the hotel’s roof terrace.

Key Facts

  • revel in on-site traditional hammam steam rooms and massage treatment rooms
  • talented full time therapists offering hot stone massages, lavish reflexology and relaxation massages
  • special massage treatments help eliminate water retention as well as toxins and stimulate circulation, increase metabolism and reduce cellulite

What is special?

  • treatments are complemented with locally-produced bath products delicately perfumed with fig and green tea
  • unwind and soak up a dose of Vitamin D on peaceful sun loungers by one of the hotel’s inviting heated pools
  • enjoy the mixed sensation of radiance and well-being after a customized facial, based on your skin types individual needs

What do the guests say?

  • guests are excited to experience the traditional hammam steam rooms
  • visitors from colder countries especially enjoy fleeing the brutal winters at home to soak up rays of sun by the hotel’s pool area
  • specialized facials are highly requested


What kind of cuisine awaits me at Riad Noir D'Ivoire? Will I be able to dine with a view of the city?

Sip on an original cocktail or two as the evening and soothing sounds of jazz on the baby grand piano beckon you toward the exclusive lounge bar of  Riad Noir D’Ivoire leads onto the open courtyard. Head up to the roof terrace to savor an innovative, creative and freshly prepared dinner with local ingredients, lit up by candlelight and the dancing Moroccan city lights.

Key Facts

  • relish in a unique spin on classic Moroccan dishes cooked with local ingredients and freshly prepared international cuisine
  • Ali’s Bar is one of the few bars at a luxury Riad Noir D’Ivoire to have a fully-licensed bar for finest cocktails and an impressive wine list
  • an exceptional wine cellar which sets this intimate den apart from other Marrakech Riads

What is special?

  • relish in extraordinary views of the main courtyard that opens up around the restaurant
  • enjoy a private chef that is only too happy to orchestrate a romantic dinner a deux on the hotel’s serene roof terrace overlooking the wondrous city of Marrakech
  • go on an adventure for your taste buds and visit traditional Moroccan restaurants not far from the Riad

What do the guests say?

  • visitors immensely enjoy tasting their way through Moroccan cuisine at the on-site restaurant
  • a romantic and candlelit fine dining evening by the Riad Noir D’Ivoire’s pool is highly requested to couples
  • staff goes above and beyond to fulfill every wish and create a perfect dining experience


What kind of adventures can I go on? Where can I have an authentic Moroccan experience?

Whether you are a book lover, food enthusiast or simply looking for an unforgettable romantic stay, the Riad Noir D’Ivoire caters to every need. Discover bookcases filled with a broad selection of rare limited edition books, get a first-hand experience of the rich Moroccan gastronomical culture or spend serene days filled with unforgettable and intimate memories on special excursions.

Key Facts

  • dive into plush, feather-filled sofas at the cozy library and savor a fresh mint tea surrounded by rare, leather-bound books
  • the Riad Noir D’Ivoire’s singular location makes Marrakech’s most noteworthy attractions easy to reach  
  • hosts will happily help you to arrange excursions located further afield

What is special?

  • explore the Atlas Mountains, stop by for a visit in the Berber villages and meet up with a guide to visit the waterfalls for the grand finale
  • spend a few romantic nights in the desert between dunes of sand as you ride on a camel into spectacular sunsets
  • discover a local food market with Chef Mamma and purchase fresh and regional ingredients for your Moroccan cooking class

What do the guests say?

  • overnighting in the desert is a true bucket list experience for many
  • book worms truly enjoy a cozy day of lounging in the on-site library
  • guests are most impressed by the Riad’s location and its close proximity to attractions

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