Powder-white beaches and iridescent-blue bays may be what lures you to Tasmania; however, it’s the individually tailored experiences and service, culinary delights and focus on well-being provided by the Saffire Freycinet that will make you never want to leave. Set amidst the spectacular landscapes of the Freycinet Peninsula, the Saffire is a 5-star all-inclusive, contemporary, boutique lodge that captures the essence of the region while being dedicated to creating authentic, enriching, rejuvenating and uplifting experiences.


Why is the Saffire Freycinet the perfect place to stay to explore Tasmania?

The lodge is the jewel perfectly accenting the crown that sits atop the Freycinet National Park. Overlooking the towering Hazards Mountains, the Freycinet Peninsula and the glistening waters of the Great Oyster Bay, the Saffire effortlessly blends luxury and nature in this spellbinding location. With the Freycinet National Park at its doorstep, guests can spend their days endlessly exploring the serene shores and rich landscapes of the area.

Key Facts

  • the luxury lodge is located on Tasmania’s East Coast adjacent to Coles Bay, a pretty coastal town
  • there are plenty of options for walking, cycling, kayaking or boating
  • the Saffire Freycinet overlooks the Freycinet Peninsula

What is special?

  • take a scenic stroll along the Freycinet National Park’s walking trails that lead to Wineglass Bay, one of the world’s best ranked beaches, where satiny sand and glittering blue-green waters await
  • your experience begins at the airport as you are greeted by a Saffire team member and treated with refreshments and a relaxing shower after disembarking your flight
  • enjoy a blissful escape as you hop into a kayak and paddle in the calm and tranquil waters of Muirs Beach, just in front of the Saffire Freycinet

What do the guests say?

  • guests find the location to be breathtaking and the view of the Hazards and Oyster Bay to be unparalleled
  • the remote location and peacefulness of the resort make visitors wish they could stay longer
  • the personable staff truly makes guests’ arrivals memorable with a glass of sparkling wine


How are the rooms at the Saffire Freycinet? What kind of views can I expect?

The Saffire Freycinet is a luxury coastal sanctuary that was designed to connect the Saffire experience to the surrounding environment, flawlessly bringing the outside in to create a tranquil retreat. The Saffire’s Signature Suites feature an eclectic mix of classic and contemporary Tasmanian furnishings, using timber, stone and leather to incorporate the beauty of nature throughout the space. After a day out exploring the dramatic landscapes of the peninsula in the Tasmanian sun, it’s a real pleasure to dissolve in the comfort of your suite.

Key Facts

  • Saffire Freycinet is comprised of 20 suites
  • all suites offer magnificent views of the Hazards Mountains and Great Oyster Bay
  • the Saffire Freycinet has been named “Best Luxury Hotel in Australia” by Trip Advisor for the past six years

What is special?

  • lose yourself in the dramatic scenery from the comfort of your private outdoor deck – from the rugged mountains peaking in the distance to the postcard perfect water of Freycinet Bay
  • slide into the luxurious deep-soaking tub, as soft tunes and idyllic views transcend you to a new level of bliss
  • relish in the indulgence of a private pavilion where you will be spoiled by in-suite, chef-prepared meals and your own private plunge pool and courtyard

What do the guests say?

  • the staff is overwhelmingly friendly and knowledgeable, which enhances guests’ stays
  • the décor and view from the suites far exceeds guests’ expectations
  • “magical” is a word many guests use to describe the suites and their overall experience


How can I best pamper myself during my stay? Is there a workout facility I can use?

Detach from ordinary life and immerse yourself in every breathtaking moment at the Spa Saffire. Nestled in the heart of the lodge, the Spa Saffire Freycinet focuses on ensuring your ultimate relaxation, restoration and transformation by using Tasmanian natural elements. Bespoke skin and body care products are hand-selected to create a luxurious experience with outstanding results. Rest assured, when your spa journey is complete, you will leave with renewed energy and a blissful sensation of freshness and lightness.

Key Facts

  • all treatments have been designed exclusively for the Saffire Freycinet by La Gaia and Payot, luxury skincare specialists
  • full gym facilities are available for guests to use at their leisure
  • all spa treatments begin with a personal consultation

What is special?

  • quiet your mind and replenish your soul with a luxurious treatment in one of the Spa Saffire’s three retreat rooms overlooking Mother Nature’s finest work
  • savor time at your own pace in this sanctuary of calm and beauty while relaxing and being restored, both energetically and aesthetically
  • with treatments designed for male skin, men can drift into a state of relaxation while having tensions massaged away, followed by a luxurious facial cleanse to moisturize and soften the skin

What do the guests say?

  • hot stone massages with granite from the Freycinet Hazards Mountains are highly recommended by guests
  • visitors feel completely transformed and deeply relaxed after their luxurious spa treatments
  • guests insist the spa is worth a visit for a peaceful and intimate couples massage


What type of dining experience can I expect at the Saffire Freycinet? Are the chefs accommodating to special requests?

The innovative menus at the Palate Restaurant take the best Tasmania has to offer and curate tailor-made cuisines from home-grown produce. A hearty breakfast and mouth-watering lunches provide sustenance for those adventure-packed days, while dinner is a multi-course degustation menu matched with local wine, offering a delicious reward after a day of exploration. No matter the request or desire, guests can customize their dining experience to suit their tastes, and the Palate Restaurant is happy to oblige.

Key Facts

  • local fishing villages provide a daily supply of crayfish, scallops and deep-sea fish
  • oysters and mussels are farmed in the pristine waters of the Great Oyster Bay
  • choose from the à la carte menu, that changes by the day, or request a specially prepared dish by the chef

What is special?

  • put on your chef’s hat, watch, learn and partake in creating culinary delights from start to finish with a renowned chef
  • become a master mixologist and learn how to mix, muddle, shake and stir classic cocktails and Saffire Signatures
  • slide on some waders, walk out into the cool waters of the Freycinet Marine Oyster Farm and taste delicious Pacific oysters fresh out of the water

What do the guests say?

  • guests love that the lodge has their own vegetable garden and uses seasonal produce
  • with a menu that changes everyday, visitors are never bored with the options
  • the extensive wine list and calabre of Tasmanian and international spirits that are available impresses many guests


What type of activities are available? Is there anything kid-friendly to do?

Whether you are an adventurer keen to explore the great outdoors or someone looking to have a relaxing, leisurely vacation in a beautiful natural setting, the Saffire Freycinet has a wide range of activities available to suit your desires. From bushwalks to gourmet picnics in remote locations and quad biking through the national park, the options are endless. If you have little ones, no worries, the lodge got them covered too. The Saffire’s activities will undoubtedly add greater depth to your visit to Tasmania’s beautiful East Coast, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Key Facts

  • a broad range of activities are included in all Saffire Freycinet accommodation bookings
  • activities typically last from one hour to three hours
  • the lodge provides kid-friendly activities; such as board games, treasure hunts, craft activities, game systems and more

What is special?

  • experience the rare opportunity to come face-to-face with the iconic Tasmanian devil as part of an initiative to save the endangered species from extinction
  • make your experience extra sweet as you dress in a full-body suit and venture into an apiary full of beehives and honeybees, and witness the incredible phenomenon of honey making by Tasmanian bees
  • venture out on a thrilling mountain bike ride and tackle the rugged tracks of Cape Tourville, taking in the spectacular views

What do the guests say?

  • adults and children alike enjoy the activities on offer at the lodge
  • the oyster farm and beekeeping experience are highlights for many guests
  • repeat guests feel as though the activities are as fresh as if it was their first time doing them, largely thanks to the amazing guides

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