Gretha Heisig
I am a passionate traveller, creative producer and art enthusiast. Making things different is my philosophy. As I am travelling, I strive to identify aspects of a venue that could occur inspiring to others. Thus, my work is all about staging these impressions in the most authentic way. With a background in directing, I possess the know-how to capture the right moment and tell stories that touch others.
Let me show you some of the extraordinary places I was pleased to discover.

I am a passionate traveller, creative producer and art enthusiast. Making things different is my phi ...

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In between the steep slopes of Vals Switzerland, five star hotel 7132 welcomes us with open arms for three days in heaven. Arriving at the Design Hotel feels exciting since the entrance looks like an art piece already. The curved shape of the building gives a hint to the architectural masterpieces that await on the inside of the hotel. Heading into the stylish lobby is like entering a movie set. We cannot wait to see everything. The interior of the lobby is elegantly designed, everywhere you look you can find stylish details, design sofas, chairs, flowers and most of all design lights.



Entering the first scene of an architectural dream destination

What used to be the first hotel of Vals back in 1935 became a stylish destination for cosmopolitan globetrotters.

7132 Hotel *****

This architectural masterpiece is an off-the-radar retreat to unwind and indulge in an inspiring and luxurious setting.

Let's dive into the Spa Suite....

The Spa Suite combines the comforts of space and wellness.

The top-floor emits Zen vibes...

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma designed the whole top-floor of the 7132, also known as the Presidential Floor. Three Penthouse Suites and a Private Dining Room boast furniture made of quarzite stones and wood.

Penthouse vibes

"Architecture forms a vital link between people and their surroundings. It acts as a gentle buffer between the fragility of human existence and the vast world outside..." - Kengo Kuma -

House of Architects ****

A sheltered corridor guides us from the lobby to the House of Architects. This building holds unique rooms, designed by world-renowned architects Tadao Ando, Kengo Kuma, Thom Mayne and Peter Zumthor.

Embrace the Japanese flair

The Japanese architects Kuma and Ando both designed rooms that express simplicity and elegance.

Style of the 60's

Every room in the House of Architects provides a special atmosphere and feeling. For one thing, the rooms of the Japanese architects boast contemporary designs, and on the other hand the rooms of Swiss architect Peter Zumthor boast design lights of Verner Panton that refer to the 1960's.

Time travel in a spaceship

Space and time are dissolved... in Thom Mayne's rooms you almost feel like being in a spaceship.

Thermal baths: A masterpiece for relaxation

Built on a thermal spring that pushes ferrous water on the surface every second, the site has been a health resort for ages. The impressive Vals Therme was built by Peter Zumthor back in 1996. This monumental building finally made the 7132 an internationally acknowledged destination.

Made of 60,000 slabs of Vals quartzite...

The walls and stone benches radiate the warmth of the thermal spring underneath. High ceilings and red design loungers characterize this monumental building and create that special atmosphere.
The outdoor basin of the Therme provides beautiful views of the mountains. Floating around in the ferrous water, you can listen to the softly crunching sounds of the source enhancing a deep relaxation of the body and mind.

When stars fly through the kitchen

Take a drink at the Blue Bar and enjoy the panoramic views of the mountain scenery through a tall glass front. For dinner, head over to restaurant Red which offers delicacies of the French and the Italian cuisine and is awarded with 15 Gault-Millau points. Restaurant Silver not only features unique design chairs and tables, but is awarded with two Michelin stars and 18 Gault-Millau points. This is without a doubt a restaurant for a special dinner.

Haute Cuisine for Connaisseurs

Head Chef Mitja Birlo runs the 7132 Silver restaurant which is awarded with two Michelin stars.

More pasta less drama: Restaurant Da Papà

Adjacent to the hotel complex lies restaurant da Papà, a typical trattoria that offers select, traditional and authentic delicacies of the Italian cuisine.

Hiking along alpine meadows

The Zervreila lake is a picture perfect mountain lake that was dammed in 1957. Visiting the Zervreila dam is an experience that offers stunning views of the area. Steep meadows on both sides of the Vals valley with wooden cattle houses all over the place characterize the area around the 7132. Mountain streams and snow-capped mountaintops create that special alpine atmosphere.