Gretha Heisig
I am a passionate traveller, creative producer and art enthusiast. Making things different is my philosophy. As I am travelling, I strive to identify aspects of a venue that could occur inspiring to others. Thus, my work is all about staging these impressions in the most authentic way. With a background in directing, I possess the know-how to capture the right moment and tell stories that touch others.
Let me show you some of the extraordinary places I was pleased to discover.

I am a passionate traveller, creative producer and art enthusiast. Making things different is my phi ...

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Located in western Austria, Lech is renowned as a winter destination but the municipality also attracts visitors from all over the world during summer. On one of the most spacious private estates in the heart of the idyllic village lies Hotel Arlberg Lech, family-owned since 1956.  Over three generations, hospitality has always been a very important part of the hotel’s business…For that reason, famous celebrities like Lady Diana spent their winter vacation here. Signed souvenir photos on the walls of the hotel remind of the royal visits of that time. Right in front of the hotel flows river Lech, the sounds of the water takes away all thoughts of the daily grind and sweeps them away in seconds… This is without a doubt a place to switch off and recharge your batteries. Make yourself comfortable and start reading a first-hand exploration of our stay on site: Hotel Arlberg Lech.



Surrounded by the Austrian mountains...

Over the course of three generations, family Schneider turned a casual guesthouse into a five-star luxury retreat that still entails the warm atmosphere of the rural mountain hotel it used to be.

Alpine tradition meets modern design

The suites of Hotel Arlberg Lech boast as much space as no other hotel in Lech.

Heading to the "Jagdhof"

The "Jagdhof" is connected with the main building. Hand-painted pictures and ornaments prettify the outer walls and hunting trophies decorate the entrance area.

The Jagdhof Suite

Passing by hunting trophies that make us feel like we are in a museum, we enter to the Jagdhof Suite that reminds us of a wooden private Chalet.

Sleeping on a comfy bed underneath a wooden roof...

Traditional oak woods adorn the walls and ceilings of the suite. It emits a traditional charm throughout the rooms. The lights can be adjusted as desired and the candles create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

It's time for wellness...

Only natural materials were used in the spa area. Even the colour pigments on the walls derive from natural colours.
Vals quartzite on the walls and precious stone lapis lazuli decorates the ceiling. Watching the gemstones shine on the ceiling reminds us of the night sky.

Balance out, Energize, De-Stress: The Spa Showers

The Spa provides unique adventure showers by renowned brand “Dornbracht”. The unique Spa showers are used for hydrotherapies and are proven to be beneficial for the immune system.

Dipping in the outdoor pool....

Nestled in the mountains, floating around in the water is so easy...
From the heated pool you have a magnificent view of the local mountain that picturesquely sticks up in front of you.

Enjoy Austrian specialties in the "Stube"

Entering the cozy parlour, the old woods gently creak underneath our feet. Lovingly and traditionally furnished, the wood-wrapped room invites for wonderful dinners.

Gusto: Just the way we like it

Hotel Arlberg Lech offers half board where you will be pampered not only in the morning with an extensive breakfast, but also with beautifully prepared delicacies in the evening.

A voyage of discovery along the Lechuferweg

Leaving the property we walk alongside river Lech. The Arlberg rises majestically on the left side and after a few minutes we are completely immersed in nature. Cairns line the path along the riverside as we are strolling on the Lechuferweg...

Hiking enthusiasts pay attention: A total of more than 250 km of hiking trails surround the idyllic village of Lech.