Gretha Heisig
I am a passionate traveller, editor and art enthusiast. Making things different is my philosophy. As I am travelling, I strive to identify aspects of a venue that could occur inspiring to others. Thus, my work is all about staging these impressions in the most authentic way. With a background in directing, I posses the know-how to capture the right moment and tell stories that touch others. Let me show you some of the extraordinary places I was pleased to discover.

I am a passionate traveller, editor and art enthusiast. Making things different is my philosophy. As ...

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[ADVERTISEMENT] 3 days – 72 hours in heaven, far away from the daily routines and the bustling city life. Join me on my trip to one of the most spectacular boutique hotels in switzerland. Located 914 meters above sea level and with a stunning view to the blue waters of lake lucerne, Villa Honegg is a picture-perfect-idyll and captivates already by its surroundings. Considering the stunning views, this is one of the most instagrammable places in Europe. I promise you, this journey will bring you closer to the beauty and the spirit of this incredible place. Come with me and let me show you my personal insights of this phenomenal and luxurious venue. Ready? Make yourself comfortable and read my first-hand exploration, a true fairytale of my wonderful stay on site: Villa Honegg.



The first scene of this fairytale

Those who love mountains, endless views and picturesque mansions will have their wishes fulfilled at this place. In close vicinity to the beautiful Lake of Lucerne, Villa Honegg welcomes you with a truly magical atmosphere. There is a magnificent ambience prevailing at the hotel that could easily serve as a backdrop for an exciting novel. Just arriving felt like entering the first scene.

My little heaven

Honestly: Being woken by the sound of cowbells flattered my soul. This soundscape was the first thing I heard in the morning. I do not want to miss this ever again: Relaxation at the highest level.

Upgrade to superior?

It feels like I could jump into the Lake of Lucerne from this terrace….

Welcome to the most exquisite, the Master Suite

The third floor: Spacious, majestic, and a corner terrace with a panorama view!

They say this pool invites you to stay...

I'm not exaggerating, this place is one of the most magical places to experience a sunrise of the extra class...Time moves fast, floating in the heated outdoor pool

Put up your feet: It’s time for wellness

The view from my outside lounger was magical. After a hot sauna session I appreciated the fresh alpine breeze on the terrace even more. Lulled in warm and comfy blankets I could have read a thousand books out here...

The land of milk and honey

Late risers pay attention: Breakfast is served until 2pm! Take it easy and don’t rush, a luscious breakfast will await you on the sun terrace. By the way, the honey comes from the hotel’s own bee colonies.
Villa Honegg restaurant sun terrace

Delicacies: Come this way!

Dinner was always a feast for the eye and the restaurant is awarded by Gault-Millau with 14 points.

Leaving footprints on the mountains

Hiking fans pay attention: The Stanserhorn is waiting to be explored by gondola or by foot.
villa-honegg-mountain-view-stanserhorn -72hih

My personal highlight

The canoe tour on the Lake of Lucerne was a real highlight and complemented my stay perfectly. As I never did something like this before, I was extremely excited about being out there on the water. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter whether I’m talking about the heated infinity pool with its breathtaking views towards the mountains and the lake, my canoe trip on the waters of Lake Lucerne or about the magical atmosphere which is prevailing at the boutique hotel: As a result it’s not easy to leave this paradise again. This place gave me a feeling of privacy and took me far away from my daily routines… I am sure you will understand what I am talking about when visiting Villa Honegg yourself: Don’t hesitate, you surely won’t regret it.

In the middle of Lake Lucerne you are surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks. Taking a canoe trip in this scenery feels very special.