Indulge in finest luxury as you soak in the outdoor oversized sunken bath under the subdued colors of the moody Thai sky. At times like this, you have to pinch yourself and realize that this truly isn’t a dream as postcard images come to life around you. The Soneva Kiri experience goes far deeper than the beautiful surroundings with a service that can read your mind and is always one step ahead. Soneva Kiri is the resort that resort owners would head to for a break.


Where is the Hotel located? Is the island secluded?

Soneva Kiri leaves you indecisive right from the start as you decide whether to fly in by helicopter or take the speedboat to the luxurious island destination. As you set foot onto massaging white sandy beaches, you might just forget about your luggage. The real luxury is not having to worry about anything, as the Soneva Kiri’s staff has you covered right from the start.

Key Facts

  • nestled away in the jungle shores of Koh Kood Island in Thailand  
  • fly to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport and hop on a 70 minute flight on the resorts custom-fitted eight-seater Cessnas
  • private beaches on the southern side of the island with a jungle-meets-ocean charm

What is special?

  • the Soneva Kiri is located at one end of Koh Kood, which remains a blissfully peaceful and untouched part of Thailand
  • lose yourself in the organic beauty of the mangrove forest
  • wrap up your journey at the Klong Chao waterfall and luxuriate your senses in refreshing freshwater lagoons

What do the guests say?

  • guests deeply enjoy how secluded the villas are and love their privacy immensely  
  • travelers state that pictures and words cannot justify how beautiful the location is in real life
  • the perfect romantic stay for lovers


What kind of Villas does Soneva Kiri offer? Where are they situated?

Choose from magical havens atop the cliffs with treehouses and water slides or make a home for yourself at a castle by the sand designed so cleverly that it blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings. Enjoy life as you lazily lounge around on soft cushions and plunge into baby blue hues of the curvy pool surrounded by lush green jungle.

Key Facts

  • choose from 14 Villas perched atop the cliffs or set right on the sandy shores
  • each of the Villas feature a private pool and garden
  • enjoy modern luxuries, subtly installed and discreetly hidden behind bamboo walls and wooden panels

What is special?

  • discover the world through a child’s eyes as you plunge into your private pool while sliding down the built-in water slide
  • book yourself into a magical heaven atop the cliffs and hide away in your very own tree house right at the jungle’s apex
  • lather up in nature as you shower in outdoor bathrooms in the sunset ocean reserve

What do the guests say?

  • guests highlight the in-villa barbecue with a private chef that caters to every wish
  • kids as well as parents simply love sliding into their private pool on their very own water slides
  • having a private beach buggy for each room is really convenient to get around the hotel grounds

Pools & Spa

How is the resort’s spa? What can I expect from a relaxing spa day on Koh Kood?

A rising sun brings fresh opportunities to try the new, taste more and feel all kinds of ways each day. The treatments at Soneva Kiri take you beyond traditional luxury, surprising even those visitors that have seen and had it all. As the leaves begin to turn elsewhere, turn to the sun at Soneva with local ingredients, homemade coconut oil and healing Ayurvedic treatments.

Key Facts

  • take a swim in the Soneva Kiri curvaceous infinity pool
  • get a wellness screening, providing insight with a reading of your body’s composition and biomarkers
  • make the most of a timetable of yoga, pilates, meditation and Tai Chi classes

What is special?

  • take a relaxing day off in the Six Senses Spa, hidden away in the jungle and specialized in locally inspired treatments
  • try out something new and detoxify with outstandingly cooling and purifying mud treatments
  • practice self care as you draw upon cleansing Hatha yoga techniques, focusing on movement and breath exercises that create harmony between major pranic flows

What do the guests say?

  • visitors thoroughly enjoy having their own private pools to lounge by
  • guests highly request and thoroughly enjoy the Soneva Kiri’s mud treatments
  • the spa’s high class, top-level standards are greatly appreciated


What kind of locations can I expect? Can I dine in the jungle?

As talented and immensely passionate international and local chefs get creative, the result is a food experience worth traveling for. Your dinner location awaits you a short boat ride away, set on a bamboo deck over the mangroves and lit by candles. Enjoy a dinner buffet filled with delicate and well prepared cuisine accompanied by the most spectacular and breathtaking Thai sunset.

Key Facts

  • get a table on the sand for breakfast or lunch by the shoreside
  • spend romantic sunset evenings on day beds at So Spiritual, where fruit cocktails and a wide variety of wines from the cellar are served
  • visit Slowlife and indulge in a dinner prepared entirely from local fish and fresh vegetables from the organic on-site garden

What is special?

  • nestled in the rainforest, listen to crushing waves below as you sit six meters above ground in a bamboo treepod, while an acrobatic waiter serves your meal via zip line
  • Soneva brings an exclusive dining experience to you and goes the extra mile with in-villa barbecues including your choice of seafood and meats prepared by a private chef
  • prop yourself on floor cushions as you get whisked away to the lantern-lit Thai restaurant on stilts, reached solely via a speedboat

What do the guests say?

  • visiting the off-site Benz Restaurant is a must
  • guests that enjoy heights and swaying in the trees, love action-filled dining at the Pod
  • service is extremely thoughtful and generous and completes the overall wonderful experience for most guests


How can I spend my days? What kind of adventures can I go on in and around Soneva Kiri?

Spend days building sandcastles, snorkeling and splashing at the soft white-sand beach or explore jungle worlds as you go trekking through luscious Thai rainforests. As the sun sets behind the horizon, hues of orange and blue add flavor to your otherwise salty lips and you will soon realize that Soneva Kiri provides the most unforgettable slow life experiences.

Key Facts

  • dive into a variety of watersports like windsurfing, kayaking and sailing as well as snorkeling and diving classes
  • feed your competitive drive at the on-site tennis and volleyball courts
  • little ones can spend their days at the kids club ‘the Den’, designed in the shape of a manta ray

What is special?

  • spend serene cinematic evenings at the over water, big screen Cinema Paradiso
  • explore astronomical worlds as professionally trained hosts help you spot the rings of Saturn or identify constellations in the observatory
  • learn to compose new dishes like a local in cooking classes that combine visits to a nearby fishing village at the breaks of dawn

What do the guests say?

  • simply enjoying some relaxing time by the pool and ocean is delightful for most visitors
  • many guests thoroughly enjoy spending evenings at Cinema Paradiso
  • both parents and kids have a great time at the activities created for the little ones

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