As the Tierra Patagonia weaves itself beside craggy mountains, glistening glacier lakes and the abundant wildlife with the subtle style and magnificence of the region, you’ll find yourself encompassed by the nature surrounding, calling you to enjoy an endless array of outdoor adventures. Stunning views and warming fires await in nearly every room and create a serene home away from home where adventurous travel and luxury come together to make an unforgettable and authentic Patagonian experience.


How do I get to the Tierra Patagonia? Will I be close to the Patagonian National Parks?

Blanketed in evergreen shrubs, picturesque emerald lakes and the surrounding rock formations of untamed mountain ranges, the Tierra Patagonia showcases an abundance of Patagonian wildlife from the moment you step foot into this magnificent and ethically sourced hotel. The Tierra Patagonia offers its guests the unique experience of shaping their very own bond with the wonderful world of unkempt wildlife surrounding.

Key Facts

  • a stone’s throw away from the Torres del Paine National Park entrance
  • book your flight to either Puerto Natales or Punta Arenas for a quick transit to the Tierra Patagonia
  • the scenic landscape makes for the perfect photography location

What is special?

  • discover mirror-glass lagoons, four magnificent glaciers and elegant peaks in southern Patagonia’s Torres del Paine National Park
  • enjoy the tranquility of uninterrupted views of Lake Sarmientos calming waters and the Paine Massif dancing on the horizon
  • set out to explore the mountainous landscape and fresh air as the three famously iconic Torres spire loom over the Chilean Patagonian landscape begging to be discovered

What do the guests say?

  • Tierra Patagonia is the perfect location for adventurers and those looking to explore
  • “absolutely breathtaking” – guests are in awe of its unique seclusion
  • the views take vacationers’ breath away


What kind of room categories can I choose from? Will I have a view of the Patagonian nature from my room?

After having spent a long day exploring the rough Patagonian nature, come home to cozy fireplaces, rustic simplicity and floor to ceiling windows hidden away in the Tierra Patagonia. As windblown Patagonian trees sway outside your window, a sense of peace and calm fills the space. Views of the powerful outside landscape of Torres del Paine National Park fuel your thirst to get out and explore the great outdoors.

Key Facts

  • Tierra Patagonia offers three room categories such as Standard Rooms, Superior Rooms and three Suites
  • interiors are filled with authentic Patagonian decor, hand-crafted textiles and natural materials from the region
  • suites are stretched over two levels, separating a bedroom downstairs and living room upstairs

What is special?

  • splendid views across Lake Sarmiento and of the mountains of Torres del Paine
  • luxuriate in deep-soak bathtubs carefully placed to admire views of the mesmerizing Patagonian landscape that surrounds the Tierra Patagonia
  • share wondrous memories with your loved ones as ten of the Superior rooms interconnect, transforming into apartments holding up to six people

What do the guests say?

  • seeing wildlife from the room is a true highlight
  • especially designed to direct the guests’ attention to the wild surroundings while enjoying the warmth of their cozy room
  • large groups and families are happily housed in Superior Rooms

Pools & Spa

What kind of treatments can I choose from at Tierra Patagonia? Will there be a jacuzzi?

After a perfect day out exploring Chilean Patagonia, it is time to restore, relax and revitalize in soothing and comfortably heated treatment rooms as the scents of aromatherapy oils, peaceful sounds and soft tranquil lighting dance around you. Extensive facials, body wraps and massages immediately put you into a zen-like state and promote your wellbeing as your mind, body and soul is being restored.

Key Facts

  • a yoga studio as well as steam baths, a sauna and separate relaxation rooms for men and women are to be found in the hotel’s on-site wellness space
  • Tierra Patagonia`s entire range of treatments is made up of all-natural and local ingredients
  • choose from carefully crafted facials, massages, body wraps, scrubs and alternative therapies

What is special?

  • gaze out at views of the encircling Patagonian planes through this glass paneled sanctuary as you soak up in the luxuriously heated indoor pool complete with hydro-massage and water jets
  • spot local wildlife and take in the majesty of Torres Del Paine as you bathe in a lavish open-air whirlpool and relax away a long day of adventures
  • open up your “prana” or “life force” with soothing and individual alternative therapies

What do the guests say?

  • guests love being able to enjoy the views while having a swim in the heated infinity pool
  • massages are the perfect way to relax after days out in the wild
  • yogis enjoy having their own studio to keep their practice going


Where are the ingredients sourced from? What kind of dishes await me at the Tierra Patagonia?

After a long day of exploring the rugged Patagonian wilderness, coming home to warm lighting, softwood tones and warm meals made up of a varied contemporary menu, makes everything all the more indulgent. As you enjoy sophisticated dishes in this remote location, watch as the Patagonian steppe unfolds around you just on the other side of the floor to ceiling restaurant windows.

Key Facts

  • all foods are locally sourced from estancias (cattle ranches) surrounding the lodge
  • breakfast is served in buffet style, while lunch and dinner are each 3 course meals
  • known for the signature Calafate sour, a flavour which can only be found in Patagonia

What is special?

  • spy on the local climates putting on a dramatic performance from behind the comfort of the restaurant’s grand windows
  • indulge in freshly prepared seafood platters, as well as hearty meats, stews and slow cooked aromatic soups that will warm your tummy after a long day in the windy outdoors
  • the grand circular bar offers refreshing Patagonian beers, Chile’s greatest wine labels and flavors that can only be found in Patagonia

What do the guests say?

  • the views from the restaurant take the dining experience to the next level
  • guests highly praise the food and are impressed by its quality despite being such a remote location
  • staff goes to great lengths to ensure that each dining experience is special


What kinds of adventures and hikes can I go on? Is it possible to get in touch with Patagonian culture?

Enjoy the unique varied terrain and mixed natural environment of the beautiful and dramatic scenery that is Chilean Patagonia while creating experiences and memories that are sure to last you a lifetime. Almost impossible to not do so with endless days of adrenaline packed outdoor adventures with wild pumas roaming in your midst and walking exotic trails while spotting Patagonian eagles and falcons soaring over icebergs. The wild is waiting for you!

Key Facts

  • expert guides plan their excursions with each guest, based on the guest’s preferences and fitness level
  • all daily treks and tours are included in the room rate and are done in small groups of only up to 6 people
  • the region is so beloved by many for not only its wealthy outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking and biking but simply its jaw dropping natural beauty

What is special?

  • embark on an exciting horseback riding tour that is both a spiritual and respectful experience as these wonderfully loyal animals lead you through Patagonia
  • as condors swoop overhead, set off on a half day hike off the beaten path to a nearby panoramic lookout point
  • trace cave paintings splayed on Patagonia’s rock walls and get a chance to witness the remnants of the ancient Aonikenk culture  

What do the guests say?

  • adventurers are pleased by the amount of activity available around the lodge
  • knowledgeable guides with a passion for the region and their work are a key part of making the experience so special
  • going on a horseback riding tour is highly recommended

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