In between the majestic Alps of Switzerland, right  in the village of Gstaad lies the exquisite luxury retreat Ultima Gstaad. This five star superior boutique hotel consists of three modern chalets which are built with antique woods, one connected with the other. Guests can look forward to enjoying the service of highly attentive staff as well as a butler around the clock. For those who love to be charmed by artworks and interesting photographs, this is the place to be. A lavishly decorated interior with prominent futuristic furniture all over and lots of arty details characterize this luxurious hotel. The extraordinary spa area includes a beauty clinic that meets the highest requirements and provides professional beauty practitioners. 



Where is the Ultima Gstaad located? Does the hotel offer a shuttle service?

The Ultima Gstaad is located in the village of Gstaad and the promenade of the village is in close vicinity to the hotel. Enjoy the comforts of a limousine shuttle that takes you to the center of the village of Gstaad with shopping facilities, restaurants and bars. Guests can also enjoy the comforts of shuttle services from and to the airports and train stations. For winter sports enthusiasts, the gondola to the ski area of Wispile lies only about a hundred meters from the hotel and is easily accessible. In addition, this luxury retreat is located just a few kilometers from the natural reserve Gruyère Pays-d’Enhaut, which includes historic villages and picturesque hiking trails through the unspoiled nature of Switzerland. Cheese lovers can look forward to getting insights into the cheese production of renowned hard cheese Gruyère. 

Key Facts

  • just a few steps to the Wispile gondola station that takes you to the mountains
  • not far from the promenade of Gstaad with shops and restaurants
  • in vicinity of the natural reserve Gruyère Pays-d’Enhaut

What is special?

  • the hotel offers a limousine shuttle service to the heart of the village and back 
  • surrounded by ski areas with more than 200 kilometers of slopes altogether
  • the popular destination ‘Glacier 3000’ lies in vicinity of the hotel

What do the guests say?

  • it is only ten minutes to the Gstaad promenade by foot 
  • we took the comfortable limousine to go to Gstaad village 
  • very good connections to the hilltops of the area and delicious food in  the village of Gstaad


What kind of accommodation can I expect at the Ultima Gstaad? How is the hotel furnished?

The Ultima Gstaad exclusively offers suites and residences. The interiors are all lavishly decorated and boast high-end electric fireplaces. The bathrooms are large and include jacuzzi tubs and rain showers. Fashionistas and guests who bring lots of dresses can look forward to having walk-in closets with ample drawers and plenty of space. The hotel is characterized by a very unique decor with beautiful artworks on the walls and a design piano with prints that resemble the game of Monopoly. Photographs and small artworks can be found all over and create that special atmosphere on site. The hotel is the perfect place for people who love to be charmed by unique art details and sumptuous luxury.

Key Facts

  • the hotel boasts eleven luxurious suites ranging from 50 to 240 square meters
  • there are six residence apartments ranging from 160 to 250 square meters, each with a private butler
  • all furniture is exclusively designed for the boutique hotel

What is special?

  • every suite has an electric fireplace and a private terrace or a balcony
  • the residences offer kitchens, dining-rooms, walk-in wardrobes and in-house dining with a private chef
  • top-class sound system for TV makes you feel like you are in a cinema

What do he guests say?

  • this rather small hotel is a real escape from the daily routines with stylish and comfortable suites and residences
  • the beds were extremely comfortable and the decor was modern and attractive
  • the excellent staff is always courteous and attentive. As there are very few guests, all staff attention is available, which is not always the case with bigger Hotels

Pools & Spa

How big is the spa area? What kind of treatments are offered?

Indulge in a spa area covering more than 2,500 square meters and a pool that gives you a feeling of being in a sanctuary of the future. Guests find eye-catching fixtures and furniture all over the poolside and the exquisite interior design underlines the exclusiveness of this luxury hotel. Enter another sphere while you dip into the blue illuminated waters of the swimming pool. The hotel offers special face and body treatments in the Ultima Clinic, performed by staff with medical expertise as well as beauty practitioners. Vacationers who are looking for rejuvenating treats can look forward to enjoying the comforts of the latest technologies and state-of-the-art equipment.     

Key Facts

  • the spa area covers more than 2,500 square meters
  • a hammam, a sauna, a swimming pool, an indoor and outdoor jacuzzi and a steam bath
  • the Ultima Gstaad Clinic offers special face and body treatments

What is special?

  • anti-ageing cellular therapy treatments are offered in the Ultima Clinic
  • the on-site clinic offers revitalisation, botox, laser treatments and much more 
  • undergo a professional DNA test that reveals individual strengths and weaknesses in order to determine adequate treatment methods

What do the guests say?

  • the spa facilities on site are exceptional 
  • the treatments offered are outstanding 
  • you feel completely relaxed when you are done with your treatments


What kind of cuisine awaits me in the restaurant? Does the Ultima Gstaad offer specials?

Guests of the Ultima Gstaad can enjoy a generous breakfast menu in the morning that leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. The Ultima Gstaad restaurant collaborates with international restaurant groups from time to time in order to pamper its guests with delicacies of different international cuisines. Apart from that, the on-site lounge bar caters for guests with exciting drinks and offers a DJ who takes care of the background music. As a special highlight, vacationers can look forward to smoking a water pipe in the on-site hookah lounge and indulge in noble drops from the hotel’s wine cellar. 

Key Facts

  • the Ultima Gstaad restaurant offers varying menus
  • a lobby bar offering fabulous drinks for the guests
  • the hotel’s wine cellar caters with different noble drops, not only for connoisseurs

What is special?

  • collaborations with other restaurants provide ever-changing cuisines – in winter 2020 guests can indulge in exotic flavours from Latin America  
  • the hotel offers a DJ who caters for the musical backdrop of the evening
  • there is an on-site hookah lounge for those who love smoking water pipes

What do the guests say?

  • I had a five course meal at Ultima Gstaad and it was one of the most memorable fine dining meals I have had during my culinary adventures in Switzerland
  • I was treated like a king at the bar, the staff is very friendly 
  • we had reservations for the special Christmas Eve dinner and every course was superb. The wine list was also great.


What kind of activities are on offer? Can I pursue winter sports?

Guests of the Ultima Gstaad can look forward to a wide range of activities to pursue over the whole year. The hotel is perfectly located to explore the beautiful nature of Switzerland since the gondola to Wispile is near the hotel. For those who want to do winter sports during the cold time of the year, numerous ski areas around the property offer various slopes and even a glacier at 3000 meters. Those who would like to ride e-bikes or take hikes through nature are at the right spot as well. For times of bad weather or just lazy days the hotel offers  anon-site cinema for its guests. And in addition, there is an on-site hookah lounge that invites guests for a smoke.  

Key Facts

  • the hotel offers different activity packages, reaching from family trips to individual treatments in the Ultima Clinic
  • go skiing in the adjacent ski areas with more than 20 kilometers of slopes altogether
  • pursue sports in the on-site fitness center

What is special?

  • there is the hookah lounge that caters for those who love smoking water pipes 
  • a private cinema is at your disposal 
  • explore the surrounding area with comfortable e-bikes of the hotel

What do the guests say?

  • watching a soccer game in the hotel’s own cinema was awesome
  • we went on a tour with the hotel’s e-bikes and it was just perfect
  • we did attempt skiing and the hotel arranged everything, which was great

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