Get a taste of the future as water mirrors the prominent Mexican architecture designed by Miguel Ángel Aragonés that underlines the stunning beachside location at the Sea of Cortez in a remarkable way. This all-white retreat poses the perfect place to bask away in the Cabo sun by day and enjoy Margaritas and Mariachi bands by night as the sun sets behind the endless ocean horizons. As you fall asleep to the calming sound of whistling wind twirling about the terraces, get ready for a new day of adventures at the Viceroy Los Cabos.


Where is the Viceroy Los Cabos located? Are there little villages nearby to explore?

Where the historic colonial streets of San José meet the looming white buildings that are seemingly straight out of an old Hollywood movie, the atmosphere is one of both relaxation in ultimate privacy and discovering the exciting culture of Baja California. Whether you decide to head out and discover tempting fish taquerías or simply choose to lounge by the ocean, this location offers unlimited possibilities waiting to be explored.

Key Facts

  • Viceroy Los Cabos is located by the Sea of Cortez in Baja California
  • within approximately 9.4 miles by car or taxi from the Los Cabos International Airport (SJD)
  • eight-minute drive to the town of San José del Cabo

What is special?

  • enjoy the liveliness and abundance of Mexican charm that the historic center of San José del Cabo, located within walking distance from Viceroy Los Cabos, has to offer
  • dive into the Cabo Pulmo National Park and discover one of only a handful of coral reefs along the west coast of North America
  • relax and get your dose of boho vibes at Todos Santos, a laid-back surfer-favoured village that is filled with galleries and beachside bars

What do the guests say?

  • guests find this to be a very relaxing location that lends itself nicely to lounging the day away
  • many love that the grounds are so unique, unstained and extraordinarily exciting to explore
  • visitors called this “the place to be” if you are looking for a great spot to watch the sunset


What kind of rooms can I choose from? Will I have a view?

Beautifully designed terraces and pristine white sand beaches allow you to explore and reconnect with nature on an entirely new and unique level as the Viceroy Los Cabos combines the natural elements in the most alluring way. The luxury both indoor and outdoor rooms and villas are carefully placed so guests can admire the blindingly beautiful white surfaces from every angle, as even the floor is a vivid, crisp surface of gleaming water reflecting the stunningly white architecture.

Key Facts

  • Viceroy Los Cabos offers a choice of 192 rooms including 86 suites
  • décor made up of a spacious, luxurious, and minimal style
  • the pure white Viceroy buildings are connected by elevated walkways

What is special?

  • floor-to-ceiling windows allow for natural light to flood the room entirely and draw your eye to the captivating views of the Sea of Cortez
  • a constant soothing sound of streaming water runs throughout the resort as a maze of reflective pools circulates water from the ocean throughout the hotel
  • the suites come with comfortably covered terraces and those on the top floor enjoy sky views and private pools

What do the guests say?

  • guests enjoy how comfortable and spacious the rooms are
  • visitors love the connection of the rooms to nature due to the open plan style
  • rooms are beautifully designed and decorated and make you feel like having the ocean in your room, vacationers state

Pools & Spa

What kind of treatments await me? Will there be a gym?

Indulge in a true Zen experience for your mind, body and soul, as the moment you step into the spa area of Viceroy Los Cabos, therapeutic mood lighting quickly puts your mind at rest and prepares it for a day filled with stress-melting treatments that are tailored specifically to your needs. Spend your day luxuriating in the jacuzzi, sweating out toxins in the sauna or simply lounging by the plunge pool after receiving a locally-inspired spa treatment.

Key Facts

  • state-of-the-art, indoor-outdoor fitness center
  • on-site beauty salon as well as a yoga and Pilates studio
  • an app allows you to order in-room spa treatments

What is special?

  • take a dip in one of the four stunning, stone-lined pools as well as an infinity pool overlooking the hotel beach and adults-only pool, tucked away on a rooftop
  • luxuriate in hot-stone massages and reflexology treatments using oils and lavish concoctions with natural pineapple, papaya, and passion fruit extracts
  • after a long evening dancing the night away with margaritas, indulge the morning after in the Hangover Healer treatment, specifically designed to detox and prepare for the day ahead

What do the guests say?

  • guests enjoy the diversity of pools and the extraordinary pond layout surrounding Viceroy Los Cabos
  • yoga classes and energy healings are highly recommended for those looking to reconnect with themselves
  • guests usually take advantage of the spa more than once and enjoy returning for more


How many restaurants can I choose from? What kind of cuisine awaits me?

Whether you are lounging on the rooftop enjoying endless views of the sun setting in the horizon whilst latin tunes fill your ears or you are sitting in an intricate architectural structure in the shape of a bird’s nest, the Viceroy Los Cabos manages to set the mood for fine dining like no other. Experience unforgettable locations, intricate classic Mexican dishes and architecture that is sure to elevate the experience to an entirely different level of luxury.

Key Facts

  • Viceroy Los Cabos offers five on-site bars and restaurants
  • classic American breakfast dishes served at the “Casero”
  • 24-hour room service menu is available with a Mexican and American cuisine

What is special?

  • the “Nido”, an intricate nest-like structured restaurant, surrounded by pools that mirror the luminous night sky, serves Mexican-, Spanish-, and Peruvian-inspired ceviche
  • placed to watch the cinematic sunset and showcase sweeping ocean views, the rooftop bar “Cielomar” offers fresh seafood, wood-fired pizzas and lavish cocktails
  • raise your glass to fantastic views and end the day in “Otro”, the cocktail lounge that serves traditional Mexican cocktails and is sure to get you into local spirits

What do the guests say?

  • guests are never bored as although there are only three restaurants, their variety and diversity makes each dining experience unique and new every time
  • heading into Los Cabos to taste your way through various dining locations is highly recommended by guests
  • the thoughtful service completes the overall wonderful experience for visitors


What does the Viceroy Los Cabos offer? What kinds of activities await me in Los Cabos?

Seek out relaxing days spent falling asleep in the sun to the calming sound of the waves rocking you into a soft slumber or still your thirst for action-filled adventure as Los Cabos is filled with exciting activities for every taste. Whether it’s zip lining through the jungle, high-adrenaline jet skiing or merely lounging around the miles and miles of white sandy beaches, Cabo is sure to create memories for you and your loved ones to cherish.

Key Facts

  • weekly art walks, every Thursday evening, through Los Cabos
  • complimentary bike rental for hotel guests  
  • Los Cabos is filled with Mexicans textile shops, art galleries and craft beer companies

What is special?

  • bask in the sun as you charter a yacht in Cabo San Lucas and spend the day lounging away or snorkeling around the rock formation of Los Arcos
  • seek out ocean adventures and spend action-packed days deep-sea fishing for the enormous marlin that roams the waters of Cabo
  • experience show time in ultimate luxury as you sit back in cozy chairs in an intimate on-site movie theater featuring daily private screenings

What do the guests say?

  • visitors love the variety of activities available and never have a dull moment
  • going deep-sea fishing at sunset is the perfect mix of romantic getaway and action-filled adventure
  • the perfect environment for setting off on adventures on your own

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