Are you looking for a place to relax and unwind? Discover a real luxury gem in between vineyards and cypress trees of beautiful Tuscany. The air is filled with an abundance of flowers and smells like rosemary, roses and lavender as you approach the characteristic property of five-star luxury hotel Borgo Santo Pietro. Listen to the sounds of trickling fountains and enjoy the comfy backdrop of flickering fireplaces in the rooms and in the hotel gardens.

Back in 1129, Borgo Santo Pietro served as a healing village for pilgrims travelling to the abbey of San Galgano, which is only a half-hour walk away. The ancient property is located in vicinity to the city of Siena and provides a natural environment with extended gardens, high-end accommodations, luxurious amenities and a Michelin-starred restaurant. In 2001, danish couple Jeanette and Claus Thottrup restored the whole venue and founded this unique luxury retreat in the heart of Tuscany. The hotel complex can be seen as a self-sustainable ecosystem since it holds herb and vegetable gardens as well as numerous farm animals and provides different kinds of food.


How is the surrounding area of Borgo Santo Pietro? What cities are in the vicinity of the hotel?

Surrounded by lush forests and sprawling vineyards with succulent Italian grapes, the property presents itself as a natural dreamland with more than five hectares of gardens on site. Guests of Borgo Santo Pietro do not only enjoy the comforts of a five star boutique hotel but the beautiful natural environment that surrounds this ancient venue. In vicinity to the vibrant city of Siena with its historical center, a UNESCO world heritage site, guests are invited to indulge in the real experience of Tuscany. The estate of Borgo Santo Pietro covers more than 120 hectares full of gardens, vineyards, a working farm, a cheese dairy and a spring-water river running through the property. 

Key Facts

  • located right in the heart of Tuscany and close to the cities of Siena and Florence
  • the estate covers more than 120 hectares of space for the guests
  • set in a secluded area in between vineyards and forests

What is special?

  • the property provides more than five hectares of gardens with all kind of plants, herbs and vegetables
  • Borgo Santo Pietro includes a working farm and a big range of livestock on site 
  • the luxury boutique hotel was built in the premises of a 800-year-old healing sanctuary

What do the guests say?

  • such a beautiful and peaceful location with rolling views and abundant wildlife, I especially loved the wild boar families feeding in the freshly cut fields at dusk
  • you can smell scents of lavender and rosemary in the air around the hotel
  • driving into this property was out of this world. It transported me into a magic enchanted setting


What kind of rooms can I expect at the Borgo Santo Pietro? What does the interior look like?

The eight garden suites of Borgo Santo Pietro provide direct access to the natural yards and invite for a relaxed stroll through the lush gardens of the luxury hotel. Walk through this dreamy setting for hours and discover all kinds of details like little ponds, lakes and succulent flowers on your way. Four private pool suites provide privacy and ultimate seclusion. The interiors of the rooms and suites are furnished with a mixture of traditional rustic charm and the elegance of the 18th century. All bathrooms provide much space, no matter what room or suite you are occupying. As a special opportunity for vacationers who are looking for an experience in a class of its own, the owners of the hotel added the Satori Yacht to their accommodation portfolio, a luxury yacht for up to 10 people.

Key Facts

  • 22 rooms and suites altogether throughout the property
  • four private pool suites on site
  • eight garden suites with direct access to the green meadows and walking paths

What is special?

  • the hotel staff maintains different types of gardens that are open to the guests
  • enjoy ultimate remoteness and privacy in the private pool suites
  • take the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and enjoy the comforts of a luxurious yacht, equipped with everything the heart desires

What do the guests say?

  • the relaxed and hospitable atmosphere on site is extraordinary. We felt like we were staying at a friend’s house
  • It is the combination of the Italian scenery with the Danish attention to detail that makes this place truly unique
  • The grounds are gorgeous and the rooms and suites are like a piece of art

Pools & Spa

How big is the main Pool? What kind of treatments are offered in the spa?

The location of Borgo Santo Pietro used to be a healing sanctuary in the past, back when it was not only valuable to know about the healing properties of plants and wild herbs, but plain necessary. Nowadays the luxury hotel still enables guests to live in a more natural way by providing opportunities to look behind the curtains of cream- and soap-making processes. The hotel spa offers tailor-made treatments, facials, waxing, tanning, mud-wraps, body scrubs, hot soaks and much more. Guests of Borgo Santo Pietro can look forward to enjoying the rejuvenating effects of the Seed to Skin beauty product line, which is sourced on site. The treatments do not only take place indoors but also in the lush gardens of the hotel venue. All guests can enjoy the comforts of the outdoor infinity pool that covers 100 square meters and offers stunning views of the natural surroundings.

Key Facts

  • the outdoor infinity pool covers 100 square meters 
  • there are two private pools attached to the pool houses, each covering 36 square meters
  • the hotel property includes a natural spring-water-river

What is special?

  • enjoy tailor-made therapies in the spa area as well as outdoors in the gardens
  • the spa offers an all-natural skincare line that is locally sourced and produced on site in the hotel’s own herb house
  • the natural environment of the hotel supports healing processes and was a healing sanctuary back in the old days

What do the guests say?

  • the views from the pool overlooking the Tuscan countryside are beautiful
  • the Seed to Skin products are divine and so effective. I usually go red and look awful after a facial but just felt glowing and continued to for days
  • We enjoyed a superb spa treatment and we would highly recommend the Fango therapy


What type of cuisine is served at Borgo Santo Pietro? Do they use locally sourced ingredients?

Guests of the house can look forward to indulging themselves with a Michelin-starred cuisine of restaurant Meo Modo. The restaurant offers seasonal dishes with locally sourced ingredients. La Trattoria sull’Alberto attracts with a real tree trunk in the room and exudes a special treehouse flair. Locally sourced eggs, honey from local bee colonies, cheese from the artisan cheese-making dairy, homemade ham and homegrown vegetables are there to be savored by the guests. Pop-up restaurant Orto serves fermented produce from the on-site fermentation lab and combines the ancient wisdom of food preservation with modern cuisine. With 200 types of vegetables, 50 types of herbs, various livestock and bees on site, the venue of Borgo Santo Pietro meets all requirements to be a truly sustainable luxury hotel.

Key Facts

  • the main restaurant of the hotel, the Meo Modo, is rewarded with a Michelin star and meets all requirements for gourmets 
  • enjoy the modern cuisine of Tuscany in Trattoria sull’Alberto and taste exquisite wines in the sull’Alberto Bar
  • the pop-up restaurant Orto in the expansive culinary garden of the hotel serves fermented dishes

What is special?

  • enjoy the service of a sommelier and try noble drops as part of an exquisite wine seminar  
  • the on-site fermentation lab is an institution for food preservation and supports sustainable cuisine and lifestyle 
  • get insights into the cheese-making process at the on-site dairy or attend cooking classes and honey tastings

What do the guests say?

  • The food both at the Trattoria as well as Meo Modo was spectacular and exquisite
  • Everything we ate was a treat. You just could not go wrong with anything
  • I would not be surprised if the team received another Michelin star


What kind of activities can I pursue at the Borgo Santo Pietro? Does the hotel offer special events?

Enjoy fitness workouts surrounded by the smell of woods and the sounds of birds in the natural forest gym. Cool off in the Merse spring-water river afterwards and let the stream take you a couple of meters down the river. Reconnect with nature while you pursue yoga practices in the lush gardens of the hotel. Go on tours with mountain bikes or walk the hiking trails of the area to enjoy the perfect serenity and tranquility of the vast estate. If you strive to express yourself, take art lessons and bring your impressions to paper with the help of brushes and colours. Gather interesting facts about the renowned Italian cuisine and prepare delicious dishes in the on-site cooking school. Borgo Santo Pietro offers special events like falconry and hot air balloon tours.

Key Facts

  • enjoy mountain biking and hiking throughout the estate of Borgo Santo Pietro
  • the hotel offers horseback riding, yoga and various sports 
  • there is also a playground for the little ones

What is special?

  • the Merse spring-water river provides a river swimming experience for nature lovers
  • private cabana lounges allow special bathing experiences
  • fitness enthusiasts can look forward to doing their workouts in a natural setting in the forest gym

What do the guests say?

  • the cooking school was lots of fun to us, we cannot wait to go back
  • I had a drawing lesson with their resident artist, which was excellent, and my boyfriend rented a Vespa
  • There’s various excursions that can be planned from Borgo. We participated in a truffle hunt which I would totally recommend

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