The 10 Best Travel Destinations after Covid

Since the coronavirus disruptively changed everything, we started thinking in other ways about our lifestyle, our health and our traveling habits. As wise people put it: “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone…” The covid-19 pandemic has shown us firsthand how precious freedom really is. Somehow, we all developed new goals and dreams because of covid. And right now we all anticipate travel after the pandemic. Our team of travel editors shared their ideas about what to do when this pandemic finally ends. Behind our thousands of individual ideas for activities, there was a common wish in all of us to let go of our negative thoughts and have fun at last. While we were daydreaming, we saw ourselves on jet-skis in the Maldives chasing the sun, we dreamt of big cities filled with life, we pictured ourselves together with our friends in Michelin-starred establishments eating as much as we could, and we imagined the most hedonistic way of being – doing nothing at all. Since we’re already acquainted with some of the most appealing accommodations around the world, we compiled the 10 best travel destinations after covid. And here they are! Leave 2020 behind and start 2021 off right.