Are you looking for a private place in the mountains to relieve the stress of the daily struggles and to calm down entirely? The luxury holiday homes of Senhoog, two private chalets in Leogang in Austria, might just be the perfect retreat for that purpose. Since the two chalets are nestled into a remote location, Senhoog offers privacy but still caters for its guests with a personal butler-on-call service. Enjoy the comforts of a private butler who caters for all your needs, available at any time via WhatsApp. Indulge yourself with a massage in your private spa area while a private chef prepares dinner on the terrace for you. Among many other perks, this is what you can look forward to when you stay in Senhoog


Why is Senhoog the best accommodation for a trip to Austria? Where are the chalets located?

The sky-piercing mountaintops of the Austrian Limestone Alps paint the scene as you drive up the hill to your private destination. You find yourself in a neighborhood of typical Austrian farms, chalets, green meadows and tall conifer trees. Halfway uphill, in between the mountains and the valleys, nestled on a southern slope, both chalets provide sun terraces and stunning views. Watch the sun caressing the limestone cliffs from dusk till dawn. This is a perfect spot to marvel at the majestic natural formations of the Austrian Alps, while you float around in the infinity pool or on the free-hanging loungers in the spa area. Due to the unique location of Senhoog, guests are spoiled with sweeping views of picturesque valleys as well as of the majestic mountaintops.

Key Facts

  • breathtaking views of the Austrian Limestone Alps
  • green meadows, conifer trees and a natural environment surrounds the property
  • a location that offers both views of the valley and views of the mountains

What is special?

  • situated at the southern slope of Leogang
  • the area around Leogang is a popular area for mountain biking and hiking
  • a remote location in the mountains but still in vicinity to the village of Leogang


How much space does each chalet offer?

Choose between two chalets on site, both offering cozy living and bedrooms, infinity pools and spa areas. As the size of each chalet differs, the materials used are of the same superb quality. Untreated old wood throughout the rooms gives the place an authentic character and a warm atmosphere, while every bathroom features stones of the nearby mountains. Chalet “Bergwärtsgeist” covers 180 square meters and can host from two to four people. Chalet “Gipfelkreuzliebe” is more spacious with 250 square meters and can host from two to six people. It also features a private wine and champagne room that offers a selection of the most noble drops in the world. Both chalets are decorated with unique artworks by Nicole Waltl-Pfiffer and design lights by Tom Dixon and Catellani & Smith.

Key Facts

  • Chalet Gipfelkreuzliebe, 250 square meters, three bedrooms, 2 – 6 people
  • Chalet Bergwärtsgeist, 180 square meters, two bedrooms, 2 – 4 people
  • full-time butler service, easily reachable at any time via WhatsApp

What is special?

  • unique artworks and design lights throughout the chalets
  • untreated woods were used to built the chalets, crackling fireplaces await in the living rooms and at the poolsides 
  • enjoy the unique design fixtures of every chalet, installed by the owners with an eye for every detail

Pools & Spa

Do both chalets offer infinity pools? How big are the spa areas?

Each chalet offers a 10 x 3 meters infinity pool that is heated to 30° Celsius. In addition, the chalets boast outdoor hot tubs both heated to 38° Celsius. During winter or even when it gets colder in the evenings, the hot tubs provide cozy temperatures at any time. The spacious spa area of chalet Gipfelkreuzliebe covers 45 square meters and is characterized by two massive stones that separate the rain shower and the sauna from the chill-out area. Book yourself a massage and enjoy the comforts of a private spa area as you watch the last sunrays of the day reflecting from the impressive mountain range in the east.

Key Facts

  • Each chalet offers a private sauna, an infinity pool and a hot tub right in front of each spa area.
  • the infinity pools are heated to 30° Celsius, the hot-tubs are heated to 38° Celsius
  • chalet “Gipfelkreuzliebe” provides a spa area with 45 square meters, chalet “Bergwärtsgeist” provides a spa area with 40 square meters

What is special?

  • massive stones from the nearby mountains are a central element in the spa area of chalet Gipfelkreuzliebe
  • both spa areas are equipped with bluetooth speakers of Austrian brand “Poet”
  • enjoy stunning views of the mountains from the spa areas and the infinity pools


What culinary services are on offer? Are there restaurants in vicinity?

Senhoog offers breakfast ordering with everything the heart desires. From fruits and müsli variations to exquisite locally sourced cheeses, ham, and self made marmalade and confiture, everything is available. Order delicious pancakes or even typical Austrian Kaiserschmarrn in the mornings and enjoy breakfast on your own sun terrace. For dinner, guests can always book a private chef who takes care of culinary delights. Book a barbecue on the terrace and indulge yourself with locally sourced produce. As an alternative, the Senhoog recommends the best restaurants of the area and arranges everything for you. At chalet Gipfelkreuzliebe, guests can walk into the wine storage room and choose between international superior-quality wines and champagnes.

Key Facts

  • breakfast ordering with everything the heart desires 
  • both living rooms provide man-sized fridges that offer soft drinks and different kinds of beers 
  • recommended restaurants (awarded with two Michelin stars) in vicinity of the hotel

What is special?

  • wine storage room with exquisite drops in chalet Gipfelkreuzliebe
  • take your breakfast right at the poolside and indulge in the local cuisine of Austria 
  • self-made marmalade and confiture for breakfast


What time of the year is best to travel to Senhoog? Is it a summer or winter destination?

As the area around Leogang is known as a year-round destination, there are plenty of activities waiting for the guests. In summer you can explore the area by mountain biking, hiking or even climbing. In winter, guests can pursue all kinds of winter sports with 270 kilometers of slopes in the vicinity of the property. As the area offers different kinds of slopes, Senhoog is the perfect spot for winter sports professionals as well as for beginners. At the chalet “Bergwärtsgeist”, there is a multifunctional room that can be used as an office but also as a gym. Pursue yoga and pilates with a private teacher on demand in the extra room before you loosen up in one of the spa areas.

Key Facts

  • a multifunctional room for different activities like yoga or pilates
  • biking and hiking trails in close vicinity to the chalets
  • enjoy 270 kilometers of winter sports slopes nearby the property

What is special?

  • mountain bikes for rent at Senhoog
  • taking on a via ferrata in the Limestone Alps of Austria as a special experience
  • Leogang is a year-round destination with lots of activities to pursue

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