Gretha Heisig
I am a passionate traveller, creative producer and art enthusiast. Making things different is my philosophy. As I am travelling, I strive to identify aspects of a venue that could occur inspiring to others. Thus, my work is all about staging these impressions in the most authentic way. With a background in directing, I possess the know-how to capture the right moment and tell stories that touch others.
Let me show you some of the extraordinary places I was pleased to discover.

I am a passionate traveller, creative producer and art enthusiast. Making things different is my phi ...

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[ADVERTISEMENT] 3 days – 72 hours in heaven, far away from the daily routines and the bustling city life. After a ride through the valleys of eastern Austria, only minutes uphill on the small winding road we reach the Senhoog in Leogang, Austria. Two private chalets in the middle of an incredible mountain scenery, this looks like a vacation already. Situated on the southern slope of Leogang, our destination is a sun-drenched place surrounded by green meadows. Untreated wood makes the Senhoog look like a typical Austrian chalet with cozy fireplaces but the tall glass windows give it an inviting and open ambience at the same time. Come with me and let me show you my personal insights of this phenomenal and luxurious venue. Ready? Make yourself comfortable and read my first-hand exploration of my wonderful stay on site: Senhoog, Leogang.



Arriving at the sunny hill side…

The Austrians call the mountain behind the Senhoog "The Pregnant Maria" since its top looks like the silhouette of a woman with a big belly. Looking up the majestic mountain scenery left me in awe.

Chalet Gipfelkreuzliebe

Getting in feels like home already. No reception at the entrance, it's just us on our own. Only few steps from the front door to the spacious living area where a huge couch and comfy loungers with footrests await. Lovely details on the shelf and pieces of art on the walls characterize the room. The private butler takes care of our luggage while we enjoy a coffee on the sun terrace.

Master bedroom

The Master Bedroom boasts a modern alpin chic design and immediately gives me a feeling of being in touch with nature. The huge glass front provides stunning views of the outside. Taking a shower feels like standing on a meadow...

Sleeping underneath a wooden roof

The bedroom underneath the roof is without a doubt the princess-room of Chalet Gipfelkreuzliebe. It is characterized by noble natural materials and a piece of art, behind which a TV screen awaits. The private balcony offers beautiful views of the "Pregnant Maria".

Feel-good bedroom

The sun wakes me up in this bedroom on the eastern side of Chalet Gipfelkreuzliebe. Heading to my bathroom, I find myself surrounded by night sky lighting on the ceiling…
Downstairs, on the bottom of the Chalet, lies the private Spa area that provides direct access to the heated infinity pool on the outside.

Your private oasis of well-being awaits

Undisturbed and as long as you want, the spa facilities are all yours. Two massive stones from the nearby mountains emit an authentic natural atmosphere and separate the sauna facility from the chill-out area. Walking outside to the pool after a sauna session, lulled in a bathrobe with a herbal tea in hands, what could be more relaxing…

Chalet Bergwärtsgeist

Being the smaller chalet, the Bergwärtsgeist emits feelings of a cozy homelike place. The open kitchen and the crackling fireplace make the room a perfect place for gatherings.

The top-room

The top-room provides a double bed and an embedded lounger that invites you to spend hours in here.

Master Bedroom with a view

Wake up with panoramic views of "Asitz" mountain and start your day on the sun terrace. The full-time butler serves whatever the heart desires…

Your private piece of heaven

Choose what you want to do first on over 100 square meters of heaven? A sauna session, a dip into the 30 square meter infinity pool or a relaxing session in the hot-tub heated to 38° Celsius?

The Spa area of Chalet Bergwärtsgeist

Besides free-hanging loungers, a hot-tub and a sauna, Chalet Bergwärtsgeist provides a spacious sun terrace with a lowered lounge area. This might be the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine from the Senhoog wine cellar.

Austria: The land of Schnitzel, Knödel and Kaiserschmarrn

Breakfast lovers pay attention: From fruits and müsli variations to exquisite locally sourced cheeses, ham, and self made marmalade, Senhoog offers everything the heart desires.

A heaven of delights

After a wonderful walk in the morning, a feast for the eyes is waiting in the living room... As the chalet offers plenty of spots for breakfast, we took advantage of each and every place.

When sunlight touches the soul

On our last evening we decided to have a BBQ for dinner. Having a private butler and a private chef taking care of everything was a wonderful experience for us.